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DPC Direct is a health sharing program that is specifically designed to work with Direct Primary Care memberships.

Direct primary care (DPC) doctors charge a modest monthly fee, and then provide all the preventive care, routing doctor visits, and other primary care you need. DPC memberships  are terrific when it comes to covering routine and preventative care, but they don’t cover more major events, like ER visits, hospital admits, surgeries, or other major medical interventions like cancer treatments. DPC plans also don’t cover many specialist medical appointments. 

For many people, the best way to fill that coverage gap is to enroll in a healthshare plan designed to work with a DPC. Health sharing plans are not health insurance, but are a way for people to band together to share medical expenses.

Because healthshare programs are not subject to the same regulations as health insurance, they can be designed so that their benefits do not overlap what you are already paying your DPC. The result can be a much more affordable plan for your healthcare expenses.

What is a “Healthshare Plan?”

Healthshare plans, such as DPC DIRECT, are not health insurance, but a lower-cost alternative to traditional health insurance. They are run by organizations called Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSMs), or by non-religious organizations that don’t use the word “ministry”. Members make regular contributions to the pool, and then the pool reimburses members for qualified health care costs.

Health sharing plans can be a great, affordable alternative to traditional insurance when it comes to covering major medical events like hospitalizations, trips to the ER, cancer treatment, and other unexpected high-dollar health care events: Meanwhile your DPC membership covers your basic doctors’ visits, routine, and preventative care.

Here are the most important things to know about health sharing:

  • Healthshare plans are not insurance, but rather a community sharing program designed to help with large or unexpected medical costs.
  • Healthshare plans are about half the monthly cost of unsubsidized insurance.
  • Healthshare plans may have waiting periods on pre-existing conditions and are typically a better option for individuals who are in good health.
  • Many health sharing plans are faith-based, but DPC DIRECT is available for everyone enrolled in a direct primary care membership.

What’s Unique About DPC DIRECT?

Traditional health insurance plans and most healthshare plans include provisions for doctors’ office visits, routine, and preventative care. But if you’re already enrolled in a DPC membership, you’re already paying for that benefit! It doesn’t make sense to pay for the same coverage twice in two different plans. The result is duplicated coverage – and wasted money!

That’s why we recommend those who use direct primary care to enroll in DPC DIRECT – an innovative and affordable healthshare plan designed specifically with DPC members in mind!

Your DPC membership is there to cover your primary care doctor and routine visits. Meanwhile, the DPC DIRECT healthshare plan picks up where your DPC membership leaves off: When you or a family member incurs an eligible medical expense not covered by your DPC membership, you submit the bill to DPC DIRECT for reimbursement.

Because DPC DIRECT doesn’t need to share expenses for anything already covered under your DPC plan, the savings compared to other healthshare plans and traditional health insurance can be significant.

Benefits of DPC DIRECT

As a member of the DIRECT health sharing community, you’ll have access to:

  • Medical cost sharing for emergency or unexpected medical bills
  • A monthly cost as low as $170 / month for individuals
  • Unlimited 24/7 telemedicine services with $0 fees for just $5 extra per month
  • Optional access to the RX Share prescription discount program (with generic prescriptions as low as $5)

How Does DPC Direct Work with a Direct Primary Care Membership?

It’s easy, cost-effective, and affordable! Here’s how to use it:

  1. Enroll in a DPC membership with a local direct primary care provider in your area. To be eligible for DPC Direct health sharing, you must be enrolled in a DPC membership. You can use our Map finder at the bottom of this page to find a plan with participating DPC physicians near you!

  2. Make an appointment with your Personal Benefits Manager to enroll in DPC Direct. Unlike other health sharing ministries (MediShare, Covenant, etc.) this program is open to all people, regardless of faith or religious affiliation. (If you don’t have any questions, you can sign up on your own, here.)

  3. Choose an Initial Unshared Amount (IUA). This is the dollar amount that you will need to pay out-of-pocket before you can access cost sharing, similar to a deductible. (IUA options include $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000).

  4. When you incur a medical bill, simply submit a cost-sharing request to your healthshare plan. As long as your IUA has been met, and it’s an eligible medical need, the DIRECT Healthshare community will assist with sharing the rest of your bill.

  5. Continue to work with your Personal Benefits Manager year after year to keep your healthcare strategy optimized and up to date. Your PBMs services are 100% free to you, for as long as you have your plan.

Combining your DPC membership with DPC DIRECT health sharing can help provide protection against the high costs of health care, usually at a fraction of the cost of an expensive traditional health insurance plan. 

Is DPC DIRECT + Colohealth Right for Me?

Combining a health sharing plan like DPC DIRECT with your DPC membership works best for those without significant pre-existing conditions. However, if you have major pre-existing conditions or ongoing medical needs, you may be better off with a traditional medical insurance plan, or a combination health savings account (HSA) and high deductible health plan (HDHP).

Our expert Personal Benefits Managers can help you select the best course of action for your particular situation at no cost to you.

Ready to find out how much you could be saving on healthcare with a DPC DIRECT Health Sharing Plan? You can enter your zip code below to compare rates, click here to contact us, or call 1-800-913-638 to set up a no-cost consultation with one of our expert Personal Benefits Managers.

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