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Jericho Share in Colorado Overview

Jericho Share is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), faith-based Health Care Sharing Ministry.

As such, Jericho Share is a community of individuals and families that agree to a common set of religious and ethical beliefs and who believe in inspiring grace and compassion.

Jericho Share was formed in 2021 by the House of Prayer and Life, an ELCA Lutheran congregation in Houston, Texas. But the organization’s roots go back more than 50 years. Today, the JHS community has an active presence in Colorado in the form of Jericho Share. 

Note: Under Colorado law, Jericho Share is not a health insurance plan, and should not be confused with a traditional Colorado health insurance policy. 

Instead, health sharing is an affordable alternative to health insurance in which a group of like-minded people agree to form an association to help share one another’s benefits. 

Prospective members in Colorado should carefully weigh the JHS Community in Colorado’s health sharing benefits, exclusions, and costs against other health share plans, as well as against traditional Health Insurance.

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Jericho Share in Colorado MultiPlan PHCS Care Network

Jericho Share is unusual among health sharing organizations in that it generally restricts maximum sharing benefits to members who use physicians within the massive MultiPlan PHCS Network.

You must see providers within the MultiPlan PHCS Network for all routine and preventative care visits to be shareable under the Jericho Share program.

This network includes more than one million health care providers nationwide: 920,000 practitioners, 4,800 acute care hospitals and 87,000 ancillary facilities. Thousands of them are here in Colorado.

This helps keep Colorado member costs down.

For most people in good health, and who don’t have a specific doctor requirement in mind,  this is a great feature.

It’s also a great feature if your preferred doctors and/or facilities happen to be members of the PHCS Network

The disadvantage is that Jericho Health members have less flexibility to choose their own doctors compared to most other health share plans.

Click here to see if your preferred doctor or facility is in the PHCS Network.

Jericho Share Membership Tiers

The JHS Community in Colorado offers three basic Jericho Share tiers: ACCORD, ASCEND, and ASPIRE.

ACCORD has the lowest monthly contribution amounts of the three plans, but also the most limited package of cost-sharing benefits.

ASCEND represents a middle ground,  while ASPIRE provides more comprehensive cost-sharing protection for members.


Accord PlanAccord is a bare-bones, budget-friendly plan that allows up to two visits per year per member to in-network primary care physicians and specialists. 

There is no additional fee for wellness or preventive visits to in-network physicians. 

Accord doesn’t share costs for hospitalization 


Ascend PlanAscend’s focus is on preventative care and wellness. 

This plan tier offers you access to everyday non-emergency/non-chronic medical needs such as wellness and preventative care, including primary care physician, specialist, or urgent care visits.

You can choose a plan that includes cost sharing for 2, 4, or 6 office visits per year.


Aspire PlanAspire offers additional cost-sharing power for hospitalizations, surgeries, maternity/childbirth, and other more significant medical events. 

Members in the top two tiers, Ascend and Aspire, are eligible for any of these optional sharing enhancements 


  • VALIANT – provides additional sharing for certain critical illness diagnoses
  • VALID – provides additional cost sharing for hospitalization costs
  • VICTORY – provides up to $10,000 for single loss events, accidental death, or dismemberment.
  • VIRTUE – Additional dental benefits. 

Jericho Share Tiers and Benefits

Visit Fees$25 visit fee for primary/ urgent care, $50 visit fee for specialists.$25 visit fee for primary/ urgent care, $50 visit fee for specialists.$25 visit fee for primary/ urgent care, $50 visit fee for specialists.
Preventive Care BenefitsNo visit fee for wellness and preventative services (at PHCS network providers). No visit fees for adult, women's, and children's wellness and preventative services at PHCS Network ProvidersNo visit fees for adult, women's, and children's wellness and preventative services at PHCS Network Providers

Number of Visits2 visits/yearChoose 2, 4, or 6 visits/yearUp to 2 or 3 visits per year, depending on your selection
Sharing MaximumUp to $150 per office visitUp to $150 per office visitUp to $150 per office visit
Hospital and ER CostsN/AEligible for VALIDEligible for VALID
Hospital Room and Board N/AEligible for VALIDChoose a plan that shares $250, $500, or $1,000 in room and board costs per day for up to 10 days. Eligible for VALID.
Additional Inpatient Hospital and ER FeaturesN/AN/AChoose a plan that shares up to $10,000 for specific injuries or diagnoses, such as heart attacks, cancer, stroke, etc. Up to $500 for ER visits for accidental injuries, $50 for illness.
Prescription DrugsParamount Rx Discount PlanShareRx tiers 1-4, + Paramount Rx

ShareRx tiers 1-4, + Paramount Rx
Maternity and ChildbirthN/AN/AChoose a plan that shares $1,500, $2,500, or $5,000 per day.
SurgeryN/AN/AChoose a plan that shares $500, $1,000, or $2,000 per procedure, plus $100, $200, or $400 per day for anesthesia.
Mental Health BenefitsN/AN/A

Up to $100/day for up to 10 days for mental health/substance abuse room and board
Eligible for VALIANT (Critical Illness Enhancement)No YesYes
Eligible for VALID (Hospitalization Enhancement)No YesYes
Eligible for VICTORY (Loss of Limb, Eyesight, or Hearing) No YesYes
Eligible for VIRTUE (Dental Enhancement)NoYesYes
Eligible for the Lifestyle Discount ProgramYesYesYes
Zero-fee Telehealth Yes, via MDLIVEYes, via MDLIVEYes, via MDLIVE

Optional Add-Ons for More Cost-Sharing Power

1.) VALIANT – Supercharge Your Plan for Catastrophic Medical Events

Valiant is an optional add-on for all Ascend and Aspire-tier members. If you add Valiant to either of these tiers, Jericho Share will share up to 100% of costs over and above your annual member responsibility amount for treatment for a variety of critical illnesses and events.

Examples include: 

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • Benign brain tumor
  • Cancer
  • End stage renal disease
  • Myocardial infarction (heart attack)
  • Stroke 
  • Paralysis

Sharing under the Valiant option is subject to a 30-Day initial waiting period and a 6-month waiting period for pre-existing conditions. 

2.) VALID – Protect Yourself Against the High Cost of Hospitalization

Valid is another optional add-on available to Ascend- and Aspire-level members that offers additional cost-sharing power in the event of an inpatient hospital admission.

You can choose a plan that provides up to $25,000, $50,000, or $75,000 in additional sharing power.

The Valid benefit also includes inpatient hospital admissions for mental health or substance abuse treatment.

Each plan requires members to pick up the first $5,000 Member Responsibility Amount before the additional sharing benefits kick in.

This Valid benefit is limited to hospitals in the PHCS network, and subject to a 30 day initial waiting period for new members.

There’s also a 12-month waiting period on pre-existing conditions.

Note: The Valid program does not share costs for intensive care unit, critical care unit, or neonatal ICU stays. 

3.) VICTORY – Financial protection against the risk of accidental dismemberment, blindness, or paralysis

The optional Victory plan pays a lump sum in the event of the loss or amputation of a limb due to accident, loss of eyesight, loss of hearing, loss of speech and hearing, or various combinations of these losses.

You can choose a plan that pays out $1,000, $2,500, $5,000, $7,500, or $10,000.

You can use this cash to help pay for medical treatment, modify a car or van to accommodate your injury, help purchase a prosthetic or hearing aid, or for any other purpose you see fit. 

A $250 member responsibility amount applies per accident before Jericho Share will share costs. 

Jericho Share – Statement of Religious and Ethical Beliefs

All new JHS Community of Colorado members are ask to affirm they adhere to the following statement of religious and ethical beliefs:

  • I believe every member has a fundamental and religious right to worship God in their own way.
  • I believe it is my religious and ethical obligation to share in the burden of others when they need assistance according to my current resources and opportunities.
  • I believe in sharing in a common, caring community of like-minded individuals with the need to come together regardless of race, age, gender, or political affiliation.
  • I believe it is my obligation to care for my family, and that emotional, mental, and physical abuse of any kind to a family member, or to anyone else, is morally wrong.

Unlike some other faith-based health sharing ministries, Jericho Share does not require members be members of any particular church or denomination, nor to attend services regularly. 

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Telehealth/Virtual Care Benefits

JHS Community members enjoy unlimited, free access to MDLIVE, a network of state licensed primary care physicians.

MDLIVE doctors are available for telephone and video consultations 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year. 

Prescription Drugs

JHS Community’s ShareRx plan allows Colorado Ascend- and Aspire- tier members to opt into a plan with additional sharing eligibility for prescription drugs.

There are four “tiers” in the ShareRx option:

ShareRx 1, which allows for up to $3,000 in additional cost-sharing for certain prescription drugs.

ShareRx 2-4. Each of these options tiers allow for unlimited sharing, but higher-tier plans include more drugs on their formularies.

In other words, low-tier plans have more exclusions than high-tier plans.

Click these links to view the formulary for each of these ShareRx option tiers: 

Note: Medication, drugs, and pharmaceuticals are included in ShareRx. You can only receive a 30-day supply per medication. There are no mail-in orders, or 90-day supplies allowed. Based on which ShareRx offering you selected, what is included in ShareRx may vary.

Paramount Rx

All JHS Community Colorado members also have access to the powerful Paramount Rx program, which works at over 57,000 participating pharmacies in the U.S. 

This is a discount plan rather than a traditional insurance plan. Members receive discounts of up to 20% on brand-name drugs, and up to 70% on generic medications.

Paramount Rx is unlimited, and members can use this benefit immediately upon their membership effective date.

This program can be useful to help pay for drugs that are excluded from their ShareRx tier formulary.

There’s also a 24-hour help desk for members who want to speak with a pharmacist about their medications. 

Monthly contributions for prescription drug benefits via Jericho Share are as low as $48.95 for an individual, or $68.95 for your whole family. 

    Maternity Benefits

    JHS Colorado Aspire-tier members can choose a plan that cost shares up to $1,000, $2,500, or $5,000 per day for childbirth.

    Additionally, the Aspire plan includes the following preventive care and routine health services:

    Pregnant Women

    • Alcohol Misuse Screening and Counseling
    • Anemia Screening
    • Bacteriuria Screening
    • Blood Test Screening for Rh Incompatibility
    • Gestational Diabetes Screening
    • Hepatitis B Screening
    • Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)
    • Screening, Including Chlamydia,
    • Gonorrhea, and Syphilis
    • Tobacco Cessation Counseling
    • Varicella (Chickenpox) Vaccine
    • Herpes Zoster (Shingles) Vaccine

    Breastfeeding Women

    • Breastfeeding Specialist/Nurse Practitioner
    • With a State-Recognized Certification and
    • Who is an In-Network Provider
    • Breastfeeding Support and Counseling
    • by a Trained In-Network Provider While
    • You are Pregnant and/or After You Have
    • Given Birth
    • Manual Breast Pump
    • Please  see  the  limitations  under  Medical  (Preventative  Care  Only)  below  that 
    • pertains to the Summary of Eligible Wellness & Preventive Services.

    Mental Health Treatment Cost Sharing

    The Aspire membership tier shares up to $100 per day for up to 10 days for mental health or alcohol/substance abuse program room and board. 

    Pre-Existing Conditions


    JHS Community’s The VALIANT program imposes a pre-existing condition waiting period of six (6) months from the member’s effective date, with a 12-month lookback period from that point. Newborns and newly-adopted children are not subject to a waiting period. 

    Jericho share defines a pre-existing condition as  an  injury,  illness,  or  medical  condition  for  which  in  the  12  months  preceding a member’s effective date: (a) they have been diagnosed with, received treatment, or taken medications for; or (b) a prudent person would have sought medical advice or treatment for.

    This provision is not applicable to members with a prior history of cancer or carcinoma in situ. 

    No  medical  needs  will  be  considered  eligible  for  sharing  for  cancer  or  carcinoma  in  situ,  if  the  member  was  previously  diagnosed  prior  to  the  Valiant  offering  becoming  active  and  after  the  previous  diagnosis,  or  if  the  member has not gone 12 months without treatment before a new diagnosis of cancer or carcinoma in situ made. 


    A 30-day waiting period applies before VALID enhancements take effect. For pre-existing conditions, a 12-month waiting period applies, starting from the membership effective date. 

    Jericho Share Lifestyle Discount Savings Program

    One way Jericho Share differentiates itself from other health share ministries is its excellent set of discounts in its Lifestyle Program.

    Jericho has done more than most health sharing ministries to leverage its significant membership base by arranging for discounts across a variety of lifestyle, entertainment, and hospitality businesses:

    • Up to 70% off at up to 400,000 hotels and resorts around the world via Hotelogical. 
    • Movie tickets: $11 flat rate movie tickets at AMC theaters (Additional surcharges may apply for premium formats and locations.)
    • 15% off spa and wellness gift card purchases via SpaWeek
    • Discounts on vitamins and supplements of up to 75% via 

    Connect with a Personal Benefits Manager to learn more about Jericho Health Share’s Lifestyle Savings Program and start saving today! 

    VIRTUE – Cost Sharing for Dental Care

    Virtue is another optional add-on, which provides additional cost-sharing benefits for dental care.

    Members can choose a Virtue dental plan with an annual sharing limit of $1,000, $3,000, or $5,000.

    After that, the Virtue option shares 100% of costs for preventative services, 80% of costs for basic dental procedures, and 50% of costs for major dental procedures.

    Cost sharing for basic and major procedures kicks in after you pay an initial Member Responsibility Amount of $50 (for individuals) or $150 (for families).

    A six-month waiting period applies to major dental services.

    For a full breakdown of which services fall into basic and major categories, consult Jericho Share’s Member Guidelines.

    Cosmetic dentistry costs are not shareable, except to correct an accidental injury. 

    VIRTUE – Vision Benefits

    JHS Community members have access to, which provides free lenses with frame purchase. 

    96% of orders ship the same day. 


    Jericho does not share costs for the following procedures and services:

    • Abortion. Costs for abortion of a live fetus are not shareable.
    • Alcohol. A member who has taken part in any activity involving alcohol that has caused an injury from a state of intoxication or negligence on the member’s part. This limitation does not apply if the injury:
      • resulted from being the victim of an act of domestic violence.
      • resulted from a documented medical condition including both physical and mental health conditions.
    • Cosmetic surgery. Not shareable, unless to correct disfigurement from an accident or illness, a congenital condition, etc. Purely cosmetic procedures, botox, etc. are not shareable. 
    • Extreme sports. Injuries arising from certain extreme sports, such as helicopter skiing, hang gliding, skydiving, flying ultralight aircraft, motorcycle racing, cliff/mountain wall climbing, etc., are not shareable. 
    • Long term care. Long-term, custodial care for chronic conditions is not shareable. Contact a PBM about long term care insurance. 
    • Missed appointments. If you make an appointment with a provider and you no-show and are charged for the appointment, that cost is not shareable under Jericho Share. 
    • Repetitive motion injuries. Costs are generally not shareable.

    This is not a comprehensive list of exclusions. For the full list, contact a Personal Benefits Manager, or consult Jericho Share’s member guidelines. 

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      < 400% of the federal poverty level
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