For more and more Americans, traditional health insurance just isn’t cutting it anymore. With fewer options on the table and ever-climbing rates, it’s a wonder that anybody can find a decent healthcare plan at all. Colorado healthshare plans can help!

Colorado health sharing plans are a viable, low-cost alternative that is changing the game for a lot of people. Unlike health insurance, healthshare plans have the built-in flexibility to make sure that everybody can afford reliable, legitimate healthcare protection.

Colorado Healthshare Plans

If you’re new to the concept of health care sharing ministries or you simply don’t know which plan to choose, you’ve come to the right place. We’re looking at the best health care cost sharing plans in Colorado, while tossing in a few extra tips to help you find the right plan.

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Even with the expanded special enrolment period, traditional health insurance is not for everyone. If you’re looking to ditch your overpriced, overcomplicated health insurance plan for something even better, then keep on reading. With a Colorado health sharing plan, it’s possible to not only save money on healthcare every month, but also simplify the way that you stay happy and healthy.

Q: What is health care cost sharing? [Healthshare definition]

Health care cost sharing, or a “Healthshare plan”, is a low-cost alternative to traditional health insurance. Healthshare programs allow like-minded individuals to pool their resources to share the cost of health expenses. But since it’s not technically insurance, health sharing plans are allowed to be both more flexible and more affordable.

In Colorado, there are a number of great health sharing programs available to choose from, including OneShare Health, Altrua HealthShare, HSA Secure, and Medi-share.

How does health sharing work?

Both in Colorado and across the country, healthshare plans work similarly to insurance. The member pays a monthly Contribution in exchange for cost-sharing benefits, similar to a health insurance premium.

Members also have a minimum dollar amount that they must pay out-of-pocket before their cost-sharing benefits kick in. This works just like an insurance deductible, and can vary significantly based on which plan you choose.

Q: Is health sharing the same as Christian based health insurance?

Most health care cost sharing plans are offered by Health Care Sharing Ministries (HCSM). These are faith-based groups that are dedicated to making medical care more affordable, using the Biblical ideals of compassion and sharing as a guide. As a result, many healthshare plans require that members sign a Statement of Faith that is based in Christian theology.

But not all healthshare plans have strict religious membership requirements. HSA Secure is an example of a more modern medical cost sharing program that does not require affiliation with any specific church.

Q: Is health sharing legal in Colorado?

Yes, health care cost sharing is a 100% legal alternative to health insurance. But as we mentioned above, healthshare plans are not insurance. That means that there is no federally backed guarantee that your plan will cover your expenses.

Instead, you’re becoming a member of a community that shares the cost of medical care among its members.

Q: What are the best health sharing ministry plans in Colorado?

HSA Secure

HSA Secure is unique among Colorado healthshare plans in that it is the only HSA-qualified option. By enrolling in a healthshare plan with HSA Secure, then adding a Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Plan, members can open and operate a tax-advantaged Health Savings Account (HSA).

With an HSA, you can save, grow, and invest pre-tax dollars to use on future health expenses. This isn’t something that you can get with any other healthshare plan in Colorado.


With Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Diamond-level plans available, Altrua has a wide array of healthshare options. Their health sharing network includes over 1 million providers nationwide, giving members a ton of doctors, specialists, and hospitals to choose from.


With a mission based on the Biblical principle of sharing one another’s burdens, Medi-Share is one of the most reputable healthshare plans for members of the Christian faith. Unlike some of the newer healthshare plans in Colorado, Medi-Share requires an active relationship with a church and commitments to live a Biblically-defined lifestyle.

Colorado Healthshare reviews: Let your Personal Benefits Manager be your guide to health care cost sharing

Health care sharing ministries are allowing people in Colorado to save up to 50% over unsubsidized insurance. But it’s important to note that not all healthshare programs are the same, and choosing one is not always easy.

Your Personal Benefits Manager is an expert at medical cost sharing. With a quick no-cost consultation, you can compare rates and membership requirements, making sure that you choose the plan that is the best fit for you and your family.

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