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Health Insurance and HealthShare Plans

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Updated Feb 24, 2023
Colorado Health Plans

Colorado Health Plans CertifiedThere are many Colorado health plans available to choose from. We believe that the more Colorado health options you have, the better. ColoHealth is proud to be certified as an authorized agent by Connect for Health Colorado – Colorado’s health insurance exchange marketplace. This means we can help you apply for tax credits that may reduce your premium by 80% or more.

Health insurance has simply gotten too expensive for many Coloradans, and people need affordable alternatives. This is why we also proudly offer memberships in some of the nation’s top health sharing programs. Healthshare programs are not health insurance but are organizations that facilitate medical expense sharing among members. One reason why they have become popular is because of the low costs.

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Colorado Health Plans

netWell Healthshare

Most Popular
netWell Healthshare Plans in Colorado

netWell Healthshare

netWell’s perfect-fit health sharing plans offer more options and more customization! Currently, netWell is the most popular healthshare program at ColoHealth.

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Zion Health

zion health logo

Zion Health

With Zion Health, Coloradans have access to one of the best health sharing plans in the country!

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OneShare Health

OneShare Colorado Health Plan

OneShare Health

OneShare Health helps individuals and families address the challenges of escalating healthcare costs. OneShare Health is not health insurance, but rather an organization that facilitates sharing of medical expenses.

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Anthem BlueCross BlueShield

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Anthem BlueCross BlueShield

A long-recognized leader in health insurance, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers its ACA-qualified Colorado health insurance plans on the exchange. Anthem’s Colorado coverage options include metal tier plans in the Gold, Silver, Bronze and Catastrophic categories. Anthem BCBS of Colorado offers HMO plans in the individual market, and both PPO and HMO plans in the small group market.

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Bright Health

Bright Colorado Health Plan

Bright Health

Bright Health is a newer entrant in the Colorado health insurance market, and their market share has grown rapidly in many areas. In several of the mountain counties Bright Health has partnered with local hospitals to provide a more affordable option, called Peak Health.

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Cigna - MyCigna Health Plans


Cigna – MyCigna Health Plans

Cigna health plans have remained the popular choice for individuals and families looking for affordable preventive and wellness options. The company’s MyCigna health plans offer Silver and Bronze ACA-qualified plans, as well as HSA-qualified options.

MyCigna plans are available both on and off the Colorado Marketplace.

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Denver Health Medical Plan Elevate

Denver Health Medical Plan Elevate

Denver Health Medical Plan Elevate

Denver Health was established in 1977 and serves the Denver area with renowned specialized medical care among its respected levels of care.

The Denver Health Elevate insurance plans are only offered on the Connect for Health Colorado exchange in the form of basic and expanded Gold and Silver tier plans.

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Friday Health Plans

Friday Colorado Health Plans

Friday Health Plans

Friday Health Plans specializes in plans for individuals and small businesses. They offer health plans in Colorado Springs, Denver, NE Colorado, and the San Luis Valley, and are available in many rural areas which have fewer health plan options.

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Rocky Mountain Health Plans

Rocky Mountain Colorado Health Plans

Rocky Mountain Health Plans

Rocky Mountain Health Plans (RMHP) has been providing quality health insurance exclusively in Colorado for more than 30 years, so it knows the area’s residents and their health care needs. RMHP’s on and off exchange health insurance plans are only available in Mesa county.

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Altrua Healthshare

altrua healthshare

Altrua Healthshare

Altrua HealthShare is a health care sharing ministry with thousands of members nationwide. Altrua HealthShare HealthShare is NOT an insurance company nor is the membership offered through an insurance company, and their organization is not subject to the regulatory requirements or consumer protections of any state insurance code.

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Colorado Medi-Share Health Plans


Medi-Share is a Christian healthcare sharing ministry that offers very affordable plans for young singles, start-up and/or well-established families, and even seniors.

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Sedera Health

Sedera Health Plans

Sedera Health

Based in Delaware, Sedera Health offers a non-religious health sharing option for small groups, that is shaped after Christian health-sharing organizations. The company and its staff have been in the health care field for over 30 years. Health sharing plans are not health insurance, though they serve a similar purpose.

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Universal Healthshare


Universal Healthshare

Universal HealthShare has up to seven different sharing programs to choose from. Each program has a unique monthly cost, as well as a specific Non-Shareable Amount (NSA).

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How to Authorize ColoHealth as Your Agent on the Connect for Health Colorado Marketplace

If you are already enrolled in a plan through the Connect for Health Colorado Marketplace, you can authorize your ColoHealth Personal Benefits Manager to be your official representative so they can represent you and help with any issues.
Your company called back promptly with a quote well below the cobra payments I was making for the same coverage”

” I had trouble with local agents returning my call so I went online to search for health care insurance options. Your company called back promptly with a quote well below the cobra payments I was making for the same coverage.

Yes, I would recommend your product to others.”

Loretta M. Brittain, CPA

Colorado Springs, Colorado


anthem-faqWhat is the difference between a health insurance plan and a health sharing plan in Colorado?

Health insurance is a contract between you and an insurance company that provides guaranteed coverage for medical expenses, while a health sharing plan is often a much less expensive alternative to health insurance, where members share the cost of medical expenses.

anthem-faqHow can I estimate the cost of a health insurance plan in Colorado?

To get an exact cost, go hear to get a Colorado health insurance quote. If you include your income it will show you monthly premiums after your subsidy. Go here to get a Colorado healthshare quote.

anthem-faqWhat resources are available to help me choose a health insurance or health sharing plan in Colorado?

When you run a health insurance quote, you will be able to compare all plans available in Colorado. You can also read details about all of the health insurance and health sharing programs offered through ColoHealth by clicking the Available Plans link at the top of the page.
You can also speak with one of ColoHealth’s licensed Personal Benefit Managers, who can answer your questions and help you choose the right plan. Just go here to schedule an appointment.

anthem-faqWhat factors should I consider when choosing a health insurance plan in Colorado?

First, determine if you qualify for a subsidy, so you can understand your net cost. Then look at the level of coverage (Bronze, Silver, or Gold), the deductible, and the doctor and hospital network that the plan uses.

anthem-faqCan I purchase health insurance outside of the open enrollment period in Colorado?

You may be able to purchase health insurance outside of the open enrollment period if you experience a qualifying life event, such as losing your job or getting married. You can also enroll in Medicaid or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) at any time.

anthem-faqWhat is the difference between an HMO and a PPO health insurance plan in Colorado?

HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization. All individual and family plans in Colorado use an HMO, which requires you to choose a primary care physician, get referrals for most specialist care, and only use in-network doctors.
PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization. PPOs are only available on group plans in Colorado. They you to see any provider in the network without a referral, and to use out-of-network doctors at a higher copay amount.
Health sharing plans often allow you to see any doctor you like, though some do use a PPO network.

Instant Quotes on Colorado Health Plans Below

Health Insurance Instant Quote


  • Plans approved and authorized under the Affordable Care Act
  • Covers Pre-Existing conditions
  • Low cost subsidized plans available to those earning
    < 400% of the federal poverty level
  • Unlimited lifetime benefits
  • Available during open enrollment (November 1 – January 15), or if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period

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Healthshare Instant Quote


  • Not health insurance, but a way for like-minded individuals to share medical expenses
  • Waiting periods on pre-existing conditions
  • May exclude sharing for certain conditions or activities
  • Enroll any time
  • Much lower monthly cost than unsubsidized health insurance

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