Universal Healthshare in Colorado: 2024 Guide

Saving Colorado Residents Thousands on Healthcare Plans!

By Christine Corsini – Updated Jan 25, 2024
Reviewed by Leslie Jablonski – Fact checked by Misty Berryman

Universal Healthshare in Colorado: 2024 Guide

Universal Healthshare in Colorado Logo

Universal Healthshare in Colorado is a leading provider of healthcare cost sharing programs, which offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional insurance for Colorado residents and people nationwide.

The non-profit organization, Universal Health Fellowship (UHF), offers seven different sharing programs to Colorado residents,  with varying monthly costs and benefits. These plans can therefore suit a variety of needs and budgets.

The plan is popular because it offers an alternative to big-corporation health insurance products, and because it saves Colorado residents thousands of dollars per year compared to unsubsidized traditional health insurance policies. 

Universal Healthshare in Colorado at a Glance

Check Mark   Much more affordable than unsubsidized health insurance for Colorado residents
Check Mark   Highly customizable
Check Mark   Solid prescription drug option compared to other healthsharing organizations
Check Mark   Solid prescription drug option compared to other healthsharing organizations
Check Mark   No care network restrictions – use your plan with any provider
Check Mark   Waiting period applies for pre-existing conditions
Check Mark   Low-cost, limited benefit option available

Universal Healthshare in Colorado OverviewUniversal Healthshare in Colorado Overview

As the name suggests, Universal Healthshare is run according to Universalist principles. 

Unlike some Colorado health sharing programs that require strict statements of faith and adherence to specific religious doctrines or regular service attendance, Universal Healthshare is open to people from all denominations and religious persuasions.

Universal Healthshare merely asks members to voluntarily agree to a Statement of Shared Faith and Beliefs. This statement includes seven tenets related to: 

  • spiritual growth
  • healthcare independence
  • peace
  • compassion
  • community building
  • duty towards family and community members

It’s therefore open to Colorado residents and other people who would not be eligible for some other faith-based healthsharing organizations. 

Read more about Universal Healthshare Sharing Program Guidelines.

Is Universal Healthshare Health Insurance? 

Universal Healthshare is not health insurance. 

Instead, as a healthsharing ministry organization, Universal Healtshare is a more affordable non-profit, 501(c)(3) alternative to overpriced, bloated Big Insurance industry products generally offered in Colorado.

Healthshare organizations like Universal Healthshare allow Colorado residents to opt out of government mandated insurance products, and instead receive benefits through independent grass-roots organizations of like-minded people who have agreed to help each other share their medical expenses.

All at a fraction of the cost of an unsubsidized health insurance product.

A family of four can save thousands of dollars per year, compared to paying full price, even for a Colorado Option health insurance plan.

Click here for a more detailed explanation of how Healthshare works in Colorado.

The Universal HealthShare Guidelines in Colorado also contain additional information about the program options and member features.

How Universal Healthshare Works in Colorado

Each month, sharing members are assigned another member with specific healthcare sharing needs. Each of them have incurred medical bills due to illness or injury in excess of their own NSAs, and their needs have been approved by the plan for sharing.

Your contribution is earmarked for that specific member each month.

In coming months, you or a member of your household may be one of the members in need of assistance. And your approved shareable medical expenses will be shared by your fellow plan members, up to the sharing limits of the plan you select.

Medical expenses eligible for sharing include, but are not limited to, physician and hospital services, emergency medical care, medical testing, x-rays, emergency medical transportation and prescription medications provided by the hospital during an admission, except for a few exclusions which are specified in your plan’s membership guidelines.

Additional Universal Healthshare Benefits

Universal Healthshare members in Colorado receive access to the following additional benefits:

Universal Healthshare in Colorado Telemedicine

24/7 Telemedicine access to accredited physicians (select plans). This benefit is good for the whole family – even if other family members are not    currently Universal Healthshare members. 

If the plan you select includes telemedicine, there is no co-pay or consultation fee. You pay $0 out of pocket to use this service. 

Universal Healthshare in Colorado Annual Routine

A free annual wellness visit with your primary care physician, for basic screening, checkups, and preventative care

member wellness

Various health and wellness programs and benefits. Up to $500 per month value, including the value of the free annual wellness visits. Benefits are available through the Curam Wellness Center. 

Customize Your Universal Healthshare Plan

Universal Healthshare in Colorado offers more membership plan design choices than just about any healthsharing organization in Colorado. With Universal Healthshare’s flagship Community Healthsharing Programs, there are three primary ways you can customize your Colorado Universal Healthshare plan:

  1. Choose your annual Non-Shareable Amount (NSA)
  2. Choose your annual co-sharing percentage amount
  3. Choose your annual co-sharing cap 

With these three sets of choices, you can customize your Universal Healthshare Plan to fit your budget, medical circumstances, and your own personal tolerance for risk.

Here’s how each of them would work in more detail:

1. Choosing Your Annual Non-Shareable Amount

When you enroll in Universal Healthshare in Colorado, you’ll choose an annual non-shareable amount, or NSA. This functions similarly to a deductible in the health insurance world.

Your NSA is the amount of medical expense you are willing to pay before your plan’s sharing benefits kick in. The higher your NSA, the lower your monthly required sharing contribution will be, all other things being equal.

With Universal Healthshare, you can choose any of the following NSA amounts, depending on your family size:

Universal HealthShare in Colorado Standard Programs

One Member per Household
Two Members per Household
Three or more Members per Household

Your NSA is per plan year, which is the 12-month period starting on your effective membership anniversary date.

If you should have a medical incident – say, you have to get your appendix removed, you would be responsible for paying that amount within the 12-month period starting on your effective membership anniversary date.

Once your anniversary date comes round again, your NSA resets. 

Annual NSA calculation for family plans: 

For two- and three-member households, each member is responsible for their own Annual Non-Sharable Amount.
For Colorado households with more than three members, each member is responsible for their own Annual Non-Sharable Amount. But once all members combined have paid eligible medical expenses in a cumulative amount equal to three times the applicable Annual Non-Sharable Amount, all members in your household will be deemed to have paid their NSA for the year. 

2. Choosing Your Annual Co-Sharing Amount

Additionally, Universal Healthshare allows you to choose an annual co-sharing amount between 60% and 85%.

This is the amount of your health expenses over and above your NSA that the plan will share with other members. You are responsible for the remainder. 

If the standard shareable percentage for your program is 80%, then 20% of your Approved Medical Expenses are your Co-Share Responsibility and will be excluded from sharing – up to your Co-Share maximum under the plan. 

To choose your annual co-sharing amount, you will select one of these six plan options, as follows: 

Universal Healthshare Plan Sharing Amounts/Percentages

Universal HealthShare Standard Programs in Colorado

Inpatient Surgery
Outpatient Surgery
Maternity Labor and Delivery
Diagnostic & In-Office Procedures-Non-Hospital Only

The lower your co-sharing percentage, the lower your required annual contributions will be. But you also retain more of the financial risk of having a major medical incident requiring care. 

3. Choosing Your Annual Co-Share Maximum Amount 

Universal Healthshare also offers an unusual cost-saving feature as an optional add-on to some plans: members can choose to add an optional Annual Co-Share Maximum (ACSM).

The higher the ACSM you select, the lower your monthly costs will be, all other things being equal.

Once you have paid your NSA for the program year, and you’ve also paid your maximum ACMA, then all your additional medical expenses not specifically excluded under the plan for the rest of your plan year will be 100% shareable.

As of March 2023, you can choose any of the following annual co-share maximums.

Annual Co-Share Maximum Amounts for
Universal Healthshare Plans in Colorado

One Member per Household
Two Members per Household
Three or more Members per Household

The annual co-share maximum is optional. If you choose, you can retain more risk, but have a lower monthly contribution amount.

The combination of a customizable co-sharing amount plus the ability to select your own annual cost-sharing maximum is a major differentiator for Universal Healthshare, as most other healthsharing plans do not offer this level of customization.

It may be a good idea for budget-conscious individuals and families who are in very good health and do not expect to have significant medical expenses in any given year, and who can afford to take on some additional risk.


Suppose you are a two-member household, and you select an NSA of $5,000, and an annual co-sharing amount of $80%. Suppose also you elected an annual co-share maximum of $9,000, to set a cap on your risk exposure.

After a few years of sharing,  you have cancer which requires a complicated surgical procedure and a round of chemotherapy and a significant hospital stay, totalling, $100,000. You will be responsible for your NSA, which is $5,000, leaving $95,000 remaining.

Your fellow Universal Healthshare members will share 80% of that remaining $95,000, or $76,000.

Normally, you would be responsible for the other 20%, or $19,000.

But since you elected a maximum annual co-share amount of $5,000, you would only be responsible for your NSA plus your $5,000 cap on co-sharing. This reduces your exposure to a total of $10,000 in out-of-pocket treatment expenses.

You will also need to pay consultation fees for each doctor visit, which varies by program, with payment due at time of visit.

Everything beyond that is 100% shareable under the plan until the end of your plan year. When it comes to follow-up treatments, such as follow-up visits, or treating complications, you won’t have to pay any more of your NSA until the end of your plan year.

Once that occurs,100% of your Approved Medical Expenses can be shared, up to the Medical Incident limit and/or the Annual Sharing Limit of your program, for the remainder of the program year.

This would include hospital charges, including surgery, room charges, medications you receive while in the hospital, and images. You would also pay nothing more out of pocket for the rest of the plan year for outpatient treatments or further hospitalizations.

Universal Healthshare does not pay directly for prescription drugs you receive while not being hospitalized. But members have access to the powerful Universal RxSimpleShare prescription drug discount program, described below.

Note: Only Co-Share Responsibility amounts paid for Approved Medical Expenses count towards your Co-Share Maximum (other amounts that you pay, such as consultation fees and ineligible expenses, do not count towards your Co-Share Maximum).

Universal Healthshare Prescription Drug Benefits

The Universal RxSimpleShare prescription drug program, administered by Flipt, provides access to over 66,000 licensed pharmacies nationwide. It’s available with select Universal Healthshare programs. 
With the plan, you can access up to $500 worth of prescription drugs listed on the RxSimpleShare formulary (list of covered drugs) per month for a co-pay of $500 per filled prescription of up to 30 days’ supply.

If you use prescription drugs, the plan will debit your $500 credit based on the actual cost of the drugs you use. If you use more than $500 worth of prescription drugs in a given month, Universal Healthshare will charge the payment account you have on file with them.

If you’re a brand-new Universal Healthsharing member, there’s a 30-day waiting period before accessing this benefit. But if you’re already a Universal Healthshare member, you can add it at any time. Your RxSimpleShare plan will become effective at the beginning of the next monthly billing cycle. 

Mental/Behavioral Health Care Benefits

Universal Healthshare members in Colorado receive access to counseling and behavioral medicine through FlexCare.

This program offers Colorado members help with short-term problem resolution, referrals, and crisis intervention services for behavioral health counseling in select states.

Members can access confidential counseling 24×7 through telephone, secure video, or mobile app with a qualified counselor who has at least a master’s degree and five years of postgraduate experience.

The program covers a variety of issues, such as depression, anxiety, stress, relationship problems (e.g. divorce), work-related stress or conflicts, family and parenting problems, grief, anger, addiction, eating disorders, mental illness, and more.

Universal SmartShare – A Lower-Cost Plan for Maximum Savings

In addition to the seven sharing programs, Universal Healthshare members have access to UHS SmartShare, a program designed for those who want to keep their costs even lower.

Universal’s SmartShare plan offers more limited cost sharing with fixed-fee amounts and lower annual sharing limits.

The SmartShare plan is best for people who want to lower their healthcare costs even more.

Cost sharing benefits are more limited. But so are out-of-pocket costs, especially compared to the unsubsidized cost of  the Affordable Care Act policy.

SmartShare Benefits

Here are the benefits for UHS Smartshare: 

  • Annual Maximum Limit: $27,500 per year – inclusive of all services shared.
  • Surgical costs:  Shared up to $2,750 per day for two surgical procedures per year (subject to the annual limit of $27,500).
  • Inpatient room and board:  shareable up to $2,750 per day, per year for 10 days maximum (subject to the annual maximum limit of $27,500).
  • Emergency Room visits:  Shareable up to two incidents per Program Year at $100 per incident
  • Ambulance services: Shareable up to two incidents per Program Year at $500 per incident
  • CT Scan, MRI, and X-Ray imaging:  A  90-day waiting period applies. Otherwise shareable up to two visits per year, after you pay a member consultation fee of $400.
  • X-Ray imaging has a 90-day waiting period and shares up to two visits per year at $200 per visit.

Universal SmartShare Waiting Periods

A 90-day waiting period applies before any Medical Expense Need may be eligible for sharing under UHS SmartShare.

However, this does not apply for office visit charges for pediatric, specialty, primary care, or urgent care visits.

There’s also no waiting period for  annual preventive and wellness care. You can access these benefits right away.

Sharing Benefit Caps

Some Universal Healthshare programs in Colorado, but not all, have a lifetime cap on shareable expenses, which varies depending on the plan you select.

However, there are caps on the amount your Universal Healthshare plan will share per medical need. These range from $100,000 to $450,000 depending on the plan you select.

There are also annual limits, which range from $250,000 to $900,000 per plan year, depending on the plan you select.

Other caps apply on the number of visits to certain specialists each year, and the number of days of hospitalization per year for which your plan will share expenses.

Again, these limits vary based on the plan you select.


Members must agree to live healthy lifestyles, and abstain from the abuse of alcohol, and the  illegal abuse of drugs.

Members also must agree to exercise regularly and eat foods that do not harm the body.

A one-time, non-refundable application fee of $75 applies per applying household. 


Universal Healthshare available in every state except Alaska, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Washington.

Universal Healthshare Concierge Benefits

Universal Health Fellowship has a specialized team to help members navigate the healthcare system and make the most of their healthshare programs. If members anticipate surgery, this team can help them obtain up to three hospital quotes. They can also help you apply for available financial aid.

This is important for those who have elected annual co-sharing (described above) and who have high NSA amounts or pre-existing conditions not fully shareable under plan guidelines. 

Who Should Consider Universal Healthshare in Colorado? 

Healthsharing in general works best if at least one of following circumstances apply: 

  • You (and your family members) are in generally good health with no significant pre-existing conditions. 
  • You don’t qualify for a subsidy under the Affordable Care Act, or your subsidy is not very large.
  • It’s outside of open enrollment, so you can’t enroll in a traditional health insurance plan, and you need to get some kind of affordable health plan in place quickly.

Universal Healthsharing, in particular, may be a good choice for you if: 

  • You want to have a lot of options when it comes to customizing your plan.
  • You want a healthshare plan with some robust prescription drug benefits (and you can afford to enroll in RxSimpleShare).
  • You are willing to abide by the organization’s Statement of Values.
  • You want to save a lot of money every month compared to the cost of an unsubsidized traditional health insurance policy.

On the other hand, traditional health insurance may be a better match for you if you or a family member has significant pre-existing conditions that you need coverage for right away.


The following medical services are not eligible for sharing under Universal Healthshare plans in Colorado: 

  • abortion (except under specific circumstances)
  • ADD/ADHD and similar disorders and treatment expenses related to them
  • alcohol or drug-related problems or treatment
  • anti-aging or aging reversal treatment
  • armed conflict-related injuries or illnesses
  • breast implants (unless related to reconstructive mammoplasty)
  • complications of non-eligible treatments
  • dental care (except the repair of sound natural teeth as a result of injury)
  • durable medical equipment
  • experimental, investigational, unproven, or unapproved services
  • eye care (routine), surgery to correct nearsightedness, LASIK, eye exams, or lenses, except as related to initial permanent lenses following cataract surgery
  • genetic testing
  • hair loss treatments
  • hazardous hobbies and injuries resulting therefrom (e.g., scuba diving, rock climbing, helicopter skiing, gator wrestling, hang gliding, motorcycle racing, etc.)
  • homeopathy
  • home health care, except for up to 30 days following a medical incident resulting in an acute need
  • injuries incurred while committing an illegal act
  • impotence treatment
  • infertility treatment, IVF, etc., including surgical and non-surgical repair
  • long-term care expenses
  • mental health services/psychiatric care. This exclusion includes psychiatric medication management except as stated in the General Sharing Requirements, Restrictions, Limitations & Maximums section of each Program.
  • negligent acts and illnesses or injuries resulting therefrom
  • non-emergency hospital admissions on Fridays or Saturdays
  • non-emergency use of emergency rooms
  • nutritional supplements
  • prescription drugs and other medications, except those given while hospitalized. (But see the Prescription Drugs section, above, for details about RxSimpleShare)
  • elective plastic/cosmetic surgery, except to correct after disfigurement from injury or illness
  • self-inflicted injuries/suicide attempts
  • surgical sterilization or reversal
  • treatment of conditions arising from the violation of Shared Statement of Beliefs
  • weight reduction procedures/products

How Do I Enroll in Universal Healthshare in Colorado?

You may be able to save hundreds of dollars per month compared to the cost of your current Big Insurance policy. Click here to enroll in just minutes!

How to Enroll: Step-by-Step

  • Open the Universal Healthcare enrollment page in a new tab or window.
  • Enter your email, name, and mobile number, and select a password. You can also have the page select a strong password for you.
  • Enter the verification code sent to your email to validate your identity.
  • Sign in using your email and password as directed.
  • Read over the instructions, and click the START button.
  • Input your personal information as the primary member.
  • If you have more family members to add, click the “+” button at the lower right hand corner. Continue adding family members by clicking the “+” button until complete. If you’re not sure who qualifies as “family,” click the yellow button that says “VIEW OUR FAMILY DEFINITIONS.”
  • When all household/family members are added, click “SAVE AND PROCEED.”
  • Customize your Universal Healthshare plan:
    • To keep monthly expenses down, consider selecting the highest NSA you can easily afford to pay out of pocket.
      If you want the stripped-down, low-cost but limited benefit UHS SmartShare plan, you can find that at the right-hand column on the table.
      Make a note of the plan number you select. They are named UHS1 through 6 or choose the SmartShare option. 
    • Click the button that reads: “ACSM VALUE ADD-ON FOR UHS STANDARD PROGRAMS”. Select the annual cost-sharing maximum you are comfortable with. To keep monthly costs down, consider selecting the highest cost-sharing maximum you can easily afford, if you should have a major medical incident.
  • Note the $75 application fee (non-refundable) and the $15 monthly membership fee per household. These fees are in addition to your monthly cost-sharing contributions. 
  • Click “PROCEED.”
  • The next section asks you to answer some medical screening questions. Answer each question “Yes” or “No,” and click “NEXT.” Repeat the process for all these screening questions.
  • In the drop down menu on the left, select the program you identified in Step 9.
  • If you want to set a cap on your cost-sharing by adding an Annual Co-Share Maximum, check the box at left. If you don’t want to set a cap, un-check the box at left.
  • View the plan pricing on the right. If you cannot afford the plan you select, you can select a different lower-priced plan using the drop-down window at left.
  • Confirm the pricing.
  • Input the date you want your membership to become effective.
  • When all is as you want it, click the “SELECT PROGRAM” button. 
  • Review and confirm your family details and plan choices. If you need to make changes, select the “BACK” button. If everything looks good, click the orange button that says “PROCEED.” 
  • Select your payment method. You can use ACH bank drafts, or you can key in a credit card number. Note that a 3.5% convenience fee applies to credit card payments.
  • Click “DONE.”
  • Confirm all the details on the next page. This is your last chance to make changes before submitting. If you need to make changes, click “BACK.”
  • If everything looks good, “SUBMIT” your application.
  • Check your email for messages from Universal Healthshare. You may need to check your spam folder or junk email folder.

Need extra advice?

We’re here to help! Our experienced expert Personal Benefits Managers (PBMs) are available to assist you in finding the most suitable healthshare program from Universal Healthshare’s seven different options.

Each of Universal Heallthshare programs has varying monthly sharing amounts and out-of-pocket responsibilities for you to choose from.

By using our free consultation service, you can receive personalized guidance from a PBM who will help you determine the best program for your healthcare needs. Once you sign up, your PBM becomes your personal healthshare advisor for as long as you have your plan. 

Click here to schedule your free consultation with a PBM today

Universal Healthshare Frequently Asked Questions

Universal Healthshare FAQDoes Universal Healthshare take people with pre-existing conditions?

Yes, but a one-year waiting period may apply before costs related to pre-existing conditions become shareable.

After one year, pre-existing conditions are eligible for sharing up to $50,000. Once your fourth  membership year begins, costs related to your pre-existing conditions are fully shareable, up to your plan’s limits

Universal Healthshare in Colorado FAQDoes Universal Healthshare accept smokers?

Yes. Universal Healthshare accepts tobacco and nicotine users in general, subject to an additional contribution of $80 per month.

Universal Healthshare in Colorado FAQDoes Universal Healthshare require me to use in-network providers?

UHS Programs do not use a Network for Hospitals or Ambulatory Surgical Centers, but they do use the Multiplan / PHCS Practitioner & Ancillary Network, which gives members access to discounted rates from participating physicians, medical professionals, laboratories, imaging centers, urgent care facilities and walk-in clinics, and for EssentialShare Programs, sharing is available for providers regardless of network participation.

Universal in Colorado FAQHow do I use my Universal Healthshare plan if I have a medical need?

When you enroll with Universal Healthshare, you’ll receive a membership card.
In most cases, hospitals accept Universal HealthShare Membership Cards, and will directly submit expenses to Universal Health Fellowship for processing. 

However, a few providers may opt to treat members as cash-paying patients. In such instances, members can submit their eligible medical expenses to Universal HealthShare for reimbursement.

You should ask your provider for the best discount available as a cash payer. 

It’s important to note that, in most cases, members must first meet their Non-Shareable Amount (NSA)  before the plan will share costs.

Additionally, members must notify Universal Health Fellowship about all scheduled hospital procedures.

Each program typically has a list of eligible medical expenses, waiting periods, and pre-existing condition limitations, and members are required to meet their program’s Non-Shareable Amount (NSA) before cost-sharing becomes available. 

Once your NSA is satisfied, the program may share hospital expenses up to its medical incident and annual limit.

Healthshare in Colorado FAQDoes Universal Healthshare require me to use in-network providers?

UHS Programs do not use a Network for Hospitals or Ambulatory Surgical Centers, but they do use the Multiplan / PHCS Practitioner & Ancillary Network, which gives members access to discounted rates from participating physicians, medical professionals, laboratories, imaging centers, urgent care facilities and walk-in clinics, and for EssentialShare Programs, sharing is available for providers regardless of network participation.

Ready to Enroll in Universal Healthshare in Colorado?

OOur Personal Benefits Managers (PBMs) are standing by to help you find the healthshare program  that’s best for you. UHF has seven different programs to choose from, each with different monthly sharing amounts and different NSAs or out of pocket responsibilities. Your Personal Benefits Manager can help you determine which one is the best fit.

Click here to get your free consultation. Once you sign up, your PBM will become your personal healthshare advisor, there to help you with your healthcare needs for as long as you have your plan.

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  • Plans approved and authorized under the Affordable Care Act
  • Covers Pre-Existing conditions
  • Low cost subsidized plans available to those earning
    < 400% of the federal poverty level
  • Unlimited lifetime benefits
  • Available during open enrollment (November 1 – January 15), or if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period

Learn More About Colorado Health Insurance Plans

Healthshare Instant Quote


  • Not health insurance, but a way for like-minded individuals to share medical expenses
  • Waiting periods on pre-existing conditions
  • May exclude sharing for certain conditions or activities
  • Enroll any time
  • Much lower monthly cost than unsubsidized health insurance

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Universal Healthshare Reviews

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3.6 out of 5 stars (based on 5 reviews)
5 star20%
4 star60%
3 star0%
2 star0%
1 star20%

Quite Happy with it

March 12, 2024

Overall, I’m quite happy with Universal Health Share. The ability to join a supportive community and save on healthcare expenses has been fantastic. My only slight disappointment is the limited coverage for certain medical procedures. However, considering the overall value, I still highly recommend their plans.

Peggy U

Good but can do better!

December 18, 2023

Universal Healthshare in Colorado has been a reliable choice for our family’s healthcare needs. The affordability and accessibility make it a standout option. However, there’s room for improvement in the coverage of alternative therapies and holistic treatments.


Great Value for the Price

September 22, 2023

I have been using Universal Healthshare for the past year and have been impressed with the value for the price. The coverage options are quite comprehensive and the out-of-pocket costs are significantly lower than what I would have paid with a traditional insurance plan. The customer service is also quite good and responsive.

Anna G

Terrible Provider Network

June 12, 2023

I have been extremely disappointed with the provider network through Universal Healthshare. It is very limited and I have had trouble finding healthcare professionals that accept their coverage.

David R


March 14, 2023

Universal Healthshare has been a great option for me since it offers affordable coverage options that fit my budget. The customer service team has also been very helpful and knowledgeable. Signing up was a breeze, and when I have a medical need, Universal Healthshare has always upheld their end of the bargain.

Paulo L.