Hi there! My name is Christine Corsini, insurance expert and Personal Benefits Manager with Colorado Health.

I’m also an avid skier and mountain climber, and I love the Colorado lifestyle!

My goal is to help the people of Colorado embrace life’s amazing possibilities by staying healthy, saving money, and making the best decisions when it comes to healthcare. The way I achieve this goal is by being an excellent listener!  A personal advocate who can’t help but treat every client like a member of my own family.



Christine ski

Life is About Having Fun, Taking Chances, and Embracing Family

 A little more about me: I’m a bike-riding, mountain-climbing yoga gal with a love of music and a taste for good Californian wine. I believe that staying active is the key to staying young, and surrounding yourself with loved ones is the best way to cultivate joy.

One of my biggest achievements is running the New York City Marathon. A close second place would be riding my bike across the United Stated to support the American Lung Association. I’m also active in my church’s efforts to help the homeless or hungry. I get a lot of satisfaction from interacting with the community in a way that helps people.

When the weekend hits: My family is either cruising the Bay Area or taking the boat out to Angel Island. No matter what we’re doing, we’re bringing our friends along and making sure to have as much fun as possible along the way.

My Business Style: Treat Everyone Like Family

When I’m trying to help someone choose a healthcare plan, the first step is to listen, to really listen, to what it is that they have to say. That kind of deep listening isn’t possible without empathy. When my clients tell me what they need, I treat it like a family member asking for my help.

Sometimes, that means recommending a plan or strategy that isn’t in my own best interests. But to me, it’s not about the commissions. It’s about pairing people with the plan that is truly the best option for them. That’s where the satisfaction comes from, so that’s where I center my efforts.

I Enjoy Solving Problems and Creating Solutions

One of the reasons that I got into this business is because I enjoy solving problems and creating solutions. When someone comes to me with an insurance dilemma, I am immediately energized by the challenge. Then, there’s the satisfaction I get when we find the answer.

enjoy wedding
Enjoying a wedding in Santa Cruz, CA

And that’s the thing about health insurance. It’s way more complicated than it should be, to the point where it’s not the kind of thing that you want to do alone.

That’s where I come in. You tell me what you’re looking for, or what problem you’re trying to solve. I’ll set to work to find you what you need. Whether that’s lower rates or better coverage, I’ll bring the best options to you, in a fresh, de-complicated kind of way.

I’m Just a Phone Call Away

Ready to get started solving your healthcare dilemmas? Just give me a call. As a client of Colorado Health, you’ll have unlimited access to my services, and I’ll never charge you a dime. As long as you have your plan, I’ll be right here on your team.  

I look forward to getting to know you!




Christine Corsini
Colorado Health and Life Insurance Expert
Direct Phone: 877-676-0558
Schedule an Appointment with Christine
[email protected]

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