Health insurance is one of the biggest costs that Americans face. However, there are plenty of options for keeping health care costs low and making sure that you stay healthy in all areas of your life.

One type of healthcare – called Direct Primary Care – is rapidly becoming more popular among cost-conscious and health-conscious consumers.

Colorado Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care is a membership model, where for a modest monthly fee you get all your primary doctor care covered – no matter how many times you go in to see the doctor. You can find memberships that fit your health needs and lifestyle that cost as little as $100 a month. 

Colorado – The Leader in Direct Primary Care

Colorado leads the country in DPC – it has almost 10% of all the Direct Primary Care clinics in the entire United States, even though Colorado houses only 2% of the country’s population!

Colorado DPC leaders saw that there was a need for a different healthcare model since many people were struggling to access healthcare in Colorado and make it work with their lifestyles and budgets. They now work to make this healthcare model sustainable for both providers and patients.

Practitioners providing DPC in Colorado can spend more time with their patients. They focus on preventative care and finding the root of the issue, not simply prescribing a medication to take away symptoms. They know the value of relationship and place great importance on knowing their patients, which helps the providers serve people better.

DPC physicians see fewer patients but on a deeper scale, often bringing about higher job satisfaction. A provider who is happier in their job is likely to provide better care, as well. Many practitioners who used to serve the community through a primary care model have moved over to a DPC clinic.

They know that not everyone can afford a subscription-based healthcare plan, though, so a good portion of providers also offer charity services in conjunction with their DPC panel, or they run a parallel practice that also accepts insurance while still providing the same level of care that they give to their DPC clients.

Why Colorado Citizens Choose Direct Primary Care

Citizens of Colorado value their health. They also know that their budget is important and they have to make their money go further. Choosing DPC means that all your traditional healthcare needs are covered and you won’t have to worry about being able to afford appointments when they need to happen because you’ve paid for them already with a low monthly membership fee.

Many Colorado citizens used to feel that accessing healthcare was a struggle. The offices covered by their insurance plans were far away, took too long to be able to get in with their desired doctor, or didn’t offer appointments that worked with their busy schedules.

DPC appointments are much more flexible, allowing patients to make it in to be seen when they have to juggle work, travel, or childcare. Since DPC providers see fewer patients, getting in with “your” doctor is much easier.

It feels good to have choice in a matter. Being able to subscribe to Colorado Direct Primary Care means that you weren’t forced into a healthcare plan that didn’t fit your needs or lifestyle.

DPC in Colorado State – Specifics You Need to Know

DPC is a subscription service that goes above and beyond traditional health insurance.

Although both options (DPC and traditional primary care) provide coverage for normally covered services and appointments, DPC providers practice a more patient-centered model and can offer deeper care management. For example, DPC appointments can last up to an hour, while traditional office visits covered by basic health care can have you face-to-face with a doctor for a mere 10-15 minutes.

Only about 63,000 Colorado residents have subscribed to a DPC, while a little over 3.2 million use traditional primary care. Each DPC provider only has about 600-800 patients in their panel, while primary care docs each see upwards of 2,000.

Colorado residents choosing DPC usually pay less than $100 a month for care, whereas regular health insurance can cost $300-$400 a month in certain counties.

Once you’re set up with a Colorado Direct Primary Care plan, you’ll be able to receive so many benefits. Remember, though, that if you are hospitalized or have to get emergency room services, you’ll still need traditional health insurance or a health share plan. Your regular doctor visits and checkups will already be covered, though, so you can choose a health share plan that doesn’t include those types of expenses, which helps keep your costs down.

The option that works for many people is choosing a health sharing plan in addition to their DPC coverage. This guarantees coverage for regular visits as well as the unfortunate—but often unavoidable—emergency room visits that could cost you thousands of dollars if you aren’t insured.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose your Colorado Direct Primary Care membership.
  • Wait for your membership to become active and then enroll in a DPC-friendly health sharing plan such as DPC Direct.
  • Use your DPC coverage for day-to-day and traditional office visits and your health sharing plan for unexpected ER trips.

Once you enroll in a program such as DPC Direct, you will be able to benefit from the program’s offerings, such as:

  • Cost-sharing for non-traditional medical bills
  • Access to 24/7 telemedicine visits for a few extra dollars a month
  • The choice to participate in the Rx Share prescription program for affordable generic prescriptions

Finding a Colorado DPC Doctor

Finding a clinic that provides DPC in Colorado is easy! Use the map on this page to locate one near you. The majority of clinics are easily accessed from the Front Range cities, such as Boulder, Fort Collins, and Denver. However, clinics also reach far to the northeast of Colorado into Sterling and west into Grand Junction.

Set Yourself Up Today

The first step is to simply set up an appointment to learn all your options. You can also click here to learn more about DPC Direct and how it can help you. There is also a Direct Primary Care Coalition that goes more into detail about DPCs.

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