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By Christine Corsini – Updated May 17, 2024
Reviewed by Leslie Jablonski – Fact checked by Wiley Long

Sedera Health of Colorado is a highly-rated, established non-profit healthsharing ministry organization.

It’s become hugely popular with Colorado residents looking for a more affordable alternative to the high cost of traditional health insurance policies – including the Affordable Care Act policies available on the Colorado “Connect For Health” online exchange.

sedera health save moneyHow Sedera Health of Colorado Can Save You Money

Sedera Health is very competitive in Colorado – especially for the millions of state residents who don’t qualify for a significant health insurance subsidy under the Affordable Care Act, and would have to pay full price for an ACA-qualified plan. 

The savings can be dramatic:

As of 2024, a family of four in Colorado can expect to pay $1,200 or more for a “silver” level health insurance plan without an Affordable Care Act subsidy. Costs are even higher in the Western Slope counties of Colorado. 

The same family of four with a 38-year-old head of household can enroll in a Sedera healthsharing plan for as little as $412 per month.

This makes a Sedera Health of Colorado healthsharing plan a more affordable option for many residents – even if they do qualify for an Affordable Care Act subsidy!

Read Sedera ACCESS+ Membership Guidelines.

about Sedera Health of ColoradoAbout Sedera Health of Colorado

Sedera Health of Colorado is a membership-based Medical Cost Sharing community created to facilitate the voluntary sharing of healthcare costs among their like-minded members.

The concept behind healthsharing organizations like Sedera is to attract and retain a base of healthier-than-average members, and continue to educate and encourage their members to maintain their healthy lifestyles.

This and a steady focus on prevention helps Sedera reduce overall health care costs for their members as a whole.

All Sedera members must commit to living a healthy lifestyle, and refrain from unhealthy or self-destructive behaviors like drinking to excess and illegal drug abuse.

Sedera Health of Colorado is not an insurance company, and is not regulated as one by the State of Colorado.

But for many Coloradans, Sedera provides an excellent and more affordable alternative to traditional insurance.

How Sedera WorksHow Sedera Works

All Sedera members pay a monthly contribution. Sedera Health then distributes these contributions among members who have eligible medical expenses that qualify for sharing.

Every household enrolled in a Sedera Health plan chooses how much of their own medical costs they will pay out-of-pocket in case of a medical event. This is called the Initial Unshared Amount (IUA), and functions similarly to a deductible.

The options are $500, $1,000, $1,500, $2,500, or $5,000.

The higher the IUA you select, the lower your minimum monthly contribution, and vice versa.

If you have a medical need or expense, you will submit the bill to Sedera Health for sharing. As long as your need qualifies for sharing (e.g., it’s a legitimate medical expense and it doesn’t fall under any of the plan exclusions), then Sedera Health will pay amounts in excess of your initial unshared amount for the year.

Note: At Sedera, the IUA is per need, not per year. You may have to pay up to three IUAs per year.

So if you choose a $1,000 IUA, you could potentially have up to $3,000 in out-of-pocket costs for the year, if you have three or more separate medical needs. 

Sedera Health Doctors, Hospitals, and Other ProvidersChoose Your Own Doctors, Hospitals, and Other Providers

Many traditional ACA-qualified health insurance policies are HMOs or PPOs. These plans severely limit you from seeking non-emergency care from any providers outside their approved network of lowest-bidders.

Obviously, this isn’t the best solution in many cases.

In contrast, Sedera Health of Colorado lets you use their healthsharing benefits with any provider you choose. Even outside the United States.

So you have the freedom to choose your own doctors, clinics, and hospitals. You don’t have to worry if the best doctor you know is “in network” or not.

Instead of restricting you to a plan network of lowest-bidders, Sedera supports members by helping them negotiate the best possible pricing for medical procedures. Especially for non-emergency care that can be scheduled and negotiated in advance.

This is another way Sedera Health of Colorado is able to keep costs affordable for members.

What’s Included in a Sedera Health of Colorado Membership?

All Sedera members receive:

  • Unlimited telehealth visits with a zero copay. That is, there are no additional out-of-pocket costs to see a doctor via telehealth. 
  • Preventive care screenings, such as colonoscopies and pap smears. These are shareable without regard to your initial unshared amount. This is to encourage members to seek preventative care. 
  • Childhood immunization benefits for dependent family members under 18. 

Sedera for Small Businesses

Sedera has an excellent program for small businesses and other employers who want to save money on overall employee healthcare costs while still providing excellent protection for workers and their families against potentially devastating unexpected health care costs.

Many employers find that migrating their employer group health plans to healthsharing, or providing employees with tax-favored cash assistance via a health reimbursement arrangement (HRA) potentially saves thousands of dollars per year per employee. 

Employers interested in exploring this option should contact a ColoHealth Personal Benefits Manager for a free, no-obligation analysis and quote. 

Disadvantages of Sedera Health of Colorado

The chief disadvantage of Sedera Health of Colorado and other similar healthsharing plans is that they may impose a waiting period on fully sharing costs related to pre-existing conditions.

Traditional health insurance plans, in contrast, must cover pre-existing conditions from the first day of enrollment. This is part of the reason traditional health insurance is much less affordable than healthsharing, unless you receive a significant subsidy under the Affordable Care Act.

Is there a religious requirement to join Sedera?

There is no religious requirement to join Sedera Health. Some other healthsharing organizations do require regular service attendance or to be members of specific religious communities. But Sedera Health is open to anyone willing to commit to living a healthy and responsible lifestyle and to the Sedera Statement of Ethical Beliefs and Principles.

Who Should Consider Sedera Health of Colorado?

Sedera Health of Colorado may be an excellent, cost-effective, money-saving solution for any individual or family that does not qualify for a premium subsidy under the Affordable Care Act, or that would have to pay out of pocket for an ACA-qualified plan.

Sedera is also a great solution for individuals and families who value healthcare freedom and want to be able to choose their own doctors and hospitals.

Sedera works very well for those in generally good health and who don’t have significant pre-existing conditions. 

How Do I Get a Quote? 

Start your instant quote by entering your zip code at the top or bottom of this page.

This will show you your estimated monthly share amount and take you to the Sedera Health Benefits Enrollment page.

I’m Ready! How Do I Join Sedera? 

Enrolling is very easy and painless!

1.) Enter your Zip Code into the healthsharing quote engine at the bottom of this web page.

2.) Complete the Sedera Benefits Enrollment and Lifestyle Profile.

Where it asks you for the “Referring Source,” choose “Wiley Long.” (If you do not choose us, we will not be able to help if you ever need assistance.

Note: When you complete your payment information, there will also be a one-time $125 set-up fee to join the Sedera Benefits platform. In years two and beyond, there is a $50 annual membership renewal fee.

It’s still much more affordable than paying for a traditional health insurance plan! 

3.) Complete the rest of the application on the Sedera website. 

If you apply no later than the 20th of the month, your membership can be effective starting the first of the following month.

Any questions? Did you hit a snag trying to enroll? We’re happy to help!

Just fill out this brief contact form and we’ll contact you promptly to facilitate your enrollment. Alternatively, you can simply call us at 800-913-6381!

We’re very excited that you’re considering taking this step, and that you’re considering Sedera and ColoHealth!


Does Sedera include prescription drugs?

Yes, subject to some limitations:

  • Maintenance medications are not shareable for pre-existing conditions. 
  • Medications for new conditions are shareable for the first 120 days. 
  • Curative medications are shareable as part of a need.

Does Sedera accept tobacco users?

Yes, though again, there are some limitations:

Sedera imposes a $25,000 cap on sharing benefits for heart attacks, strokes, cancer, COPD for smokers over age 50. A monthly surcharge may also apply.

Does Sedera include maternity benefits?

Yes. Specifics vary depending on the plan tier:

The SELECT+ plan shares maternity-related expenses provided the pregnancy begins after the first day of plan membership. Members will pay an amount equal to two times their IUA before the plan will share maternity costs.

So if you selected an IUA of $2,500, you would pay the first $5,000 of maternity costs out of pocket. The plan would pick up amounts beyond that.

The ACCESS+ plan also provides maternity benefits. But it will share maternity costs ONLY when the “”expected due date”” is at least 1 year after the membership start date. 

Under the ACCESS+ plan, you would pay the first $5,000 of maternity-related costs, regardless of the IUA level you select. 

Does Sedera have a waiting period for surgeries? 

No. But for non-emergency surgeries, you must get a 2nd opinion before surgical costs become shareable. Sedera will reimburse you $250 for the cost of obtaining a 2nd opinion.

Partially self-directed healthcare plans are becoming more popular as the cost of health insurance rises. Going with an HSA-healthshare plan could be the best move for you and your family’s health and well-being.


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  • Plans approved and authorized under the Affordable Care Act
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  • Low cost subsidized plans available to those earning
    < 400% of the federal poverty level
  • Unlimited lifetime benefits
  • Available during open enrollment (November 1 – January 15), or if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period

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  • Not health insurance, but a way for like-minded individuals to share medical expenses
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Sedera Health of Colorado Reviews Section

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4.0 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)
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The plan is good option

April 18, 2024

Reliable Partner for Health Security- Sedera has been a reliable partner in safeguarding my family’s health. The health share plan not only provides excellent coverage but also ensures that we feel secure in times of medical need. The simplicity of the process, coupled with the extensive network of healthcare providers, has made our experience truly exceptional.

Isaac Hughes

Efficient and Transparent Service

February 25, 2024

Sedera commitment to transparency and efficiency has made my experience as a policyholder incredibly positive. From clear communication about coverage details to the seamless claims process, I appreciate how Sedera prioritizes transparency in every aspect of its service.

Michael Ford

Value for Money

December 21, 2023

Sedera’s health share plan strikes the perfect balance between affordability and comprehensive coverage. As a father of four, managing healthcare costs is crucial, and Sedera has proven to be a cost-effective solution without compromising on the quality of care. I’m impressed and grateful, hence the five-star rating. Layla Martin

Alex K

Exceptional Coverage and Service - A Seamless Support

August 13, 2023

I’ve been a Sedera customer for several months now, and I must say, their health share plan has exceeded my expectations. The coverage is comprehensive, and I appreciate the prompt and helpful assistance whenever I’ve had questions. Sedera’s commitment to ensuring my family’s well-being has truly made a positive impact on our healthcare experience. Five stars without a doubt!

Ryan Bennett

Good Coverage, but a Bit Pricey

July 7, 2023

Sedera Health offers solid coverage, but the prices are a bit higher than I would like. Still, it’s way cheaper than a regular health insurance plan. So far, I’ve been happy with the plan overall.

Ben R


April 18, 2023

I was really hoping that Sedera Health would provide more comprehensive benefits. , but I’ve been pretty disappointed with the waiting periods on pre-existing conditions and the services that aren’t covered. I may need to look into a different health insurance option with broader coverage.

Marty F