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By Wiley Long – Updated Jan 25, 2024
Reviewed by Leslie Jablonski – Fact checked by Christine Corsini

MediShare Colorado

With more than 250,000 members nationwide, and tens of thousands of  members in Colorado, MediShare is one of the most powerful health sharing plans doing business in the Rocky Mountain State. 

First founded in 1992 MediShare was  the first nationally-accredited health sharing organization in the United States. Since then, MediShare has helped members share more than $1.7 billion dollars in medical bills and counting.

Currently, MediShare currently enjoys a 98% customer satisfaction rating – more than twice the average customer service rate for the industry.

MediShare Uses a Christian Approach in Colorado

As a healthsharing ministry organization, MediShare is overtly Christian, and takes a Biblical approach to healthcare. All MediShare members agree to live by Biblical standards, to agree to help share each other’s medical burdens, and to regularly attend and actively support a fellowship of believers.

MediShare’s approach to health sharing is based on the Book of Acts, where the Apostles shared what they had as they carried out their Great Commission to spread the word of Christ.

With MediShare, your money is never used to pay for procedures that do not align with your values. 

Why Consider MediShare in Colorado?

As a non-profit healthsharing ministry organization, MedShare provides Colorado residents with a compelling cost-saving alternative to overpriced, bloated and unaffordable traditional health insurance approaches.

This is especially important for the millions of Colorado residents who don’t receive an Affordable Care Act subsidy for policies bought via the Connect For Health Colorado exchange.

MediShare members receive significant cost sharing benefits, but at up to 50% less than the monthly cost of an average unsubsidized Connect For Health Colorado traditional insurance policy. 

  • Average unsubsidized cost of an ACA-qualified traditional health insurance plan in Colorado: $1200. (Source: Kaiser Family Foundation, 2022).
  • MediShare Average monthly contribution for a family: $350. (Source: MediShare). 

MediShare plans don’t qualify for an ACA subsidy. But the cost savings frequently makes MediShare and healthsharing in general a compelling value. 

How does MediShare Work in Colorado?

Each month, you’ll be expected to deposit a set amount of money into a special account. MediShare will debit your account as needed and use your money to pay the medical bills of other MediShare members in need.

When you have a medical need, and need to see a doctor or other health care provider, you will present your MediShare Member ID card to your service provider. Inform your provider you’re a cash payer and ask for any discounted rates for cash pay patients.

You’ll also pay a provider fee of $35 ($200 for ER visits).

Your provider will then send your bill to MediShare, where their staff will negotiate for discounts available through the Preferred Provider organization, as applicable. 

At this stage, MediShare also verifies that your medical expense qualifies for sharing under your chosen plan.

Once you meet your annual household portion (AHP), the amount of money you must pay for medical care out-of-pocket before your medical expenses become shareable, MediShare will approve your bill for sharing by other members.

At that point, MediShare will debit the accounts of other members in the plan and pay your medical bills, according to your plan. In effect, your eligible medical bills will be paid with money received directly from another member.

Note that your provider fee does not count toward your AHP.

MediShare Advantages for Colorado

MediShare offers several advantages compared to a typical Affordable Care Act-qualified health insurance plan you might purchase over the Connect For Health Colorado exchange: 

All year round logo

Year-round availability

With MediShare, you don’t have to wait for an open enrollment period. You can sign up for MediShare at any time during the year.

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MediShare members can get discounts on prescription drugs, laboratory services, imaging, vision, hearing, and dental services.

24/7 colo logo

24/7 Access to Live Virtual Care Providers

For non-emergency care, members have 24/7 free access to providers via

telephone or video call. No additional copays or coinsurance required. So you don’t have to worry about costs when you see a doctor via telemedicine

lifetime logo

No lifetime caps

Most healthsharing plans have lifetime caps on the amount of medical bills they will approve for sharing. MediShare has no lifetime caps on sharing benefits. However, some caps do apply for pre-existing conditions, maternity costs, motorcycle events, and during the first month of membership. 

Request a Colorado MediShare Quote and Join Now!

Join the hundreds of thousands of members that have discovered MediShare works for their family’s healthcare needs. Fill in the form below to get a quote!

To get a quote and enroll in MediShare, click the box above:

  1. You’ll be asked to enter some basic information about your age, your spouse’s age (if any), your location, and the size of your household. Just follow the prompts at each screen.
  2. Click View Quotes
  3. Pick your start date, Confirm your zip code, date of birth, and number of people to be covered.
  4. Choose what Annual Household Portion you would like. This is the amount you pay before Medishare starts paying the bills. You can choose $3000, $6000, $9000, or $12000.
  5. If you are a member of a Direct Primary Care (DPC) practice, you can choose the Direct Primary Care option which will also reimburse you up to $1800 for your DPC fees.
  6. Highlight the plan you want, then go to the bottom of the page, and fill in the fields you see.
  7. You’ll be taken to another page to enter the name and info of everyone that will be enrolling.
  8. After submitting this information, you’ll receive an email directing you how to make payment, and submit any further information that MediShare may need.

Questions? Call us today, and a Personal Benefits Manager will walk you through the process.

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MediShare Colorado Frequently Asked Questions

How does MediShare handle pre-existing conditions in Colorado?

Like other healthsharing plans, MediShare does not generally share expenses relating to treatment of pre-existing conditions right away.

If you have a pre-existing condition, MediShare may impose a waiting period before you can receive coverage for that particular condition. This waiting period can range from 6 months to 60 months, depending on the condition.

Bills related to pre-existing conditions are only sharable as follows:

  • MediShare will share up to $100,000 per Member per plan year in Colorado once you have been sharing for 36 consecutive months, and;
  • MediShare will share up to $500,000 per Member per plan year in Colorado once you have been sharing for 60 consecutive months.

There are also some pre-existing conditions that MediShare does not cover at all. These include:

  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Bulimia nervosa
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Alcohol or drug abuse or addiction

Strategy tip: If you or a member of your household has a significant pre-existing condition and you need it covered right away, you might consider choosing a traditional Affordable Care Act-qualified health insurance plan available via the Connect for Health Colorado exchange, at least for the individual(s) with the pre-existing conditions.

You can choose traditional health insurance for one member of the household and MediShare for the other members, in order to take advantage of healthsharing’s cost savings compared to traditional insurance, while still maintaining coverage for the pre-existing condition.

For help structuring a health plan around your individual family’s needs and budget, schedule a free consultation with a ColoHealth Personal Benefits Manager.

Does MediShare include prescription drug coverage in Colorado?

MediShare does offer some prescription drug benefits as part of its healthcare cost-sharing program. However, since MediShare is not a Colorado health insurance company, the prescription drug coverage is not insurance, and has some limitations.

With MediShare in Colorado, prescription drug benefits are limited to the following situations:

  • Prescription drugs for treatment of acute medical conditions. There is a lifetime six-month limit on prescription drugs per medical condition.  
  • Prescription drugs for treatment of chronic medical conditions (up to a certain amount, depending on the condition)
  • Prescription drugs prescribed by a healthcare provider during a hospital stay
  • Prescription drugs prescribed for preventive care (such as vaccines)

There is also a limit on the amount of prescription drug coverage that MediShare provides in Colorado. For chronic medical conditions, MediShare covers up to a certain amount per year, depending on the condition. After that limit is reached, the member is responsible for the remaining cost of the medication.

It’s important to note that MediShare does not cover all prescription drugs, and there may be certain medications that are excluded from coverage. Additionally, MediShare does not cover over-the-counter medications in Colorado.

Can I choose my own doctor or provider with MediShare? 

Generally, yes. You can use your MediShare  benefits with any provider. That said, 

Colorado MediShare members are highly encouraged to use providers from within their preferred provider organization. This organization consists of thousands of Colorado providers who have agreed to provide discounted rates for MediShare members. 

You can go outside the network. But if the doctor you choose charges more for a given medical service than what is customary from in-network providers, you may have to pay the difference out of your pocket. 

If you use a non-PPO hospital or other facility, you will have an additional responsibility of 20% of the total charges. This additional responsibility is over and above your annual household portion.

This additional responsibility may be waived in the event of a life-threatening emergency, or if you live more than 25 miles from the nearest PPO network provider.

Does MediShare include cancer treatment in Colorado?

Generally, yes. Unlike other healthsharing organizations, MediShare does not impose a “cancer waiting period” before bills related to cancer treatment become shareable. 

Under  MediShare, cancer treatment costs for newly-diagnosed cancers are fully-shareable, subject to your annual household portion (AHP) and your $35 provider fee per visit ($200 for ER visits).

These shareable costs include charges for surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment, as well as the attendant hospital costs.

However, to be shareable, the cancer must not have been listed in your medical records as a pre-existing condition within the 36 months previous to your joining the plan. 

Does MediShare include mental health care?

MediShare’s benefits for mental health care are limited compared to most traditional medical insurance policies. However, all members have access to free 24/7 short-term counseling services through their telehealth program.

Beyond that, however, MediShare does not share costs related to psychiatric/psychological treatment or care. 

Does MediShare cover routine preventative and maintenance care?

Generally not. In order to keep monthly costs as low as possible. MediShare focuses their approach on sharing large unexpected or catastrophic costs. You’ll be expected to cover smaller routine and predictable needs out of your own pocket.

However, if you want a great healthcare experience, MediShare healthsharing plans pair very well with direct primary care plans. These complement MediShare’s catastrophic benefits by allowing members access to unlimited routine and primary care visits, all for a very low, predictable monthly fee.  

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  • Plans approved and authorized under the Affordable Care Act
  • Covers Pre-Existing conditions
  • Low cost subsidized plans available to those earning
    < 400% of the federal poverty level
  • Unlimited lifetime benefits
  • Available during open enrollment (November 1 – January 15), or if you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period

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  • Not health insurance, but a way for like-minded individuals to share medical expenses
  • Waiting periods on pre-existing conditions
  • May exclude sharing for certain conditions or activities
  • Enroll any time
  • Much lower monthly cost than unsubsidized health insurance

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MediShare Colorado Reviews

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3.8 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)
5 star17%
4 star67%
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2 star16%
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Reliable Health Coverage

January 27, 2024

I recently switched to MediShare and couldn’t be happier with the cost savings and coverage it provides. The monthly contribution is significantly lower than traditional insurance, making it a sensible choice for someone like me in their mid-30s. The peace of mind that comes with knowing I have reliable health protection without breaking the bank is invaluable.

Park L

Good Health Protection

December 11, 2023

I’m impressed with the value for money that MediShare offers. The substantial cost-sharing benefits combined with a monthly contribution that’s a fraction of traditional insurance plans make it a smart financial choice. The coverage is comprehensive, and the savings are real – MediShare truly delivers on its promise of affordable health protection.

Lorry V

Community-Centric Healthcare at Its Best

October 25, 2023

MediShare has exceeded my expectations in terms of community support and cost savings. Being part of a health-sharing ministry has not only lowered my monthly healthcare expenses but also connected me with a like-minded community. The sense of belonging and the shared commitment to each other’s well-being make MediShare a standout choice for affordable and community-centric healthcare.

Nathaniel Archibald

Easy to Work With

August 1, 2023

I’ve been a member of Medi-Share for three years, and I couldn’t be happier. Whenever I’ve had a question or concern, their customer service team has been quick to respond and very helpful. Filing sharing requests has been a breeze, and I’ve never had any issues with coverage.

Since it’s healthsharing and not insurance, I know that the company shares my pro-life values. Which is more than I can say for regular insurance companies.

What’s more, with Medi-Share,I feel like I’m part of a caring community that truly wants to help each other. Highly recommend Medi-Share to others!

Lita F

Not Worth the Hassle

May 24, 2023

I joined Medi-Share hoping to save money on healthcare costs, but it’s been nothing but a headache. Finding providers that accept their program is a challenge, and I’ve had multiple sharing requests denied for various reasons.

The lack of transparency and consistency in their decision-making is frustrating.

Yes, I save money every month compared to health insurance premiums. But unless they improve, I’m not sure if the savings are worth the hassle.

I had Netwell a few years back, and might be switching back to them.

I know I’m never going back to traditional insurance!

Stu S

Good, but not Perfect

March 5, 2023

Overall, Medi-Share has been a good alternative to traditional health insurance. Their cost-sharing model has saved me a lot of money over the years. Also, when I had twins last year, their maternity benefits turned out to be Godsend!

However, I have had a few frustrating experiences with their sharing request process.

It can be a bit confusing, and sometimes it takes longer than I would like to get reimbursed.

Nevertheless, the savings are worth it to me… especially now that we’re a family of four!

Frances C