You may or may not have heard by now—Aliera Healthcare is no longer available in Colorado and many other states due to legal actions being taken against them; the company was recently hit with a cease-and-desist order accusing them of questionable marketing practices.

If you like the idea of health sharing programs, and are attracted by the low cost when compared to health insurance, we’re here to provide a couple of options to consider.

Health Care Sharing Ministries

First, a quick overview.

Healthshare programs are a great alternative for those who do not qualify for subsidies under the Affordable Care Act; these programs can save you a significant amount of money

Health sharing programs are not traditional insurance, though they serve the same basic purpose. Health care sharing ministries facilitate the sharing of qualified medical expenses between members.

Most of them also contain a religious component, thus the word “ministries”.

OneShare and Mpowering Benefits are the two most popular options for people in Colorado who are leaving the Aliera program.


OneShare offers three levels of benefits: Catastrophic, Classic, and Complete.

Catastrophic plans are for those who are overall healthy but want to make sure they’re prepared for the what-ifs life throws their way. These plans also offer discounts for: diabetics care and supplies, lab work, and hearing supplies.

Classic plans are for individuals or families who are conscious of daily medical needs as well as potential hospital concerns. In all three tiers of Classic plans (Basic, Enhanced, and Crown), preventive services are 100% shared, primary physician visits and urgent care visits are only $20 a visit, and members are eligible for hospitalization sharing.

Complete plans are for individuals or families who want or need more sharing. After members meet their sharing amount (similar to deductibles), all three tiers of Complete (Basic, Enhanced, and Crown) cover in-network preventative care 100%. The higher you go up in the tiers, the more is shared. For example, to visit an in-network primary care physician, you pay $50 a visit with Basic, $35 a visit with Enhanced, and $20 a visit for Crown.

*Both Classic and Complete plans have a lifetime sharing maximum of $1,000,000. Additionally, both Classic and Complete offer discounts for: dental, diabetic care and supplies, hearing supplies, lab work, vision and Lasik, and lifetime screening discounts.

MPowering Benefits

Mpowering Benefits offers an HSA-eligible partially self-directed healthshare plan.

This plan combines a healthshare plan with a health savings account (HSA). An HSA is a type of savings account that lets you set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay for qualified medical expenses. The money in your account grows tax-deferred if not used. It can be kept in a savings account or invested in stocks, mutual funds, and other assets.

Talk to your Personal Benefits Manager to learn more about these plans or health care sharing plans in general. They can guide you through the process with an expert hand and sign you up for the plan that best suits your needs.

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