best health insurance in colorado

It’s November in the Rocky Mountains, and for Coloradoans that means that it’s time to make two very important decisions. The first is which ski pass to go with, and the second (and only slightly more complicated) is which health insurance plan to choose for 2024.

Coloradoans only have until December 15th to change their plan or sign up for new coverage. With that in mind, here is a quick rundown of how to choose the best Colorado health insurance plan for you.   

How to choose the best health insurance in Colorado:

The best health insurance for you is going to depend on a number of factors, including your age, zip-code, and specific medical needs. You’ll also need to consider the following questions:

Q: Do I qualify for a premium tax credit (APTC)?

The most significant variable that will affect your health insurance cost is the ACA Advanced Premium Tax Credit. This is a federal tax break for individuals beneath a certain income level (about $50K for individuals and $100K for families).

Those who qualify for the APTC will have much lower premiums than those who don’t. Unfortunately, if you make only a few dollars more than the limit, you will not qualify.

There are plenty of options for those who don’t qualify, including health sharing plans.

Q:  What’s the difference between Bronze, Silver, & Gold insurance plans?

Health insurance policies in Colorado are broken down into three distinct tiers. Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans are basically a breakdown by cost, with Bronze being the most affordable and Gold being the most expensive. Generally speaking, the higher the tier, the higher the premium.

On the other hand, higher tier plans also have smaller deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.

When selecting an insurance plan, most Coloradoans will find that the Silver options offer the best overall value.


The best health insurance providers in Colorado:

Anthem BlueCross BlueShield

Anthem BCBS is perhaps the most popular provider in the state. Their subsidy-eligible HMO plans have some of the largest and most diverse state networks. Anthem BCBS also offers plenty of plans that are HSA-qualified.

Kaiser Permanente

One reason that Kaiser plans are popular with Coloradoans is their flexibility. You can change primary doctors anytime, and there is no requirement that you have to have the same doctor as a family member. The Kaiser Permanente App is also worth mentioning; you can schedule visits, communicate with your doctors, and order prescription refills right from your smartphone.

Friday Health Plans

One of the newest insurance options in the state comes from Friday Health Plans. Their catastrophic plan is a great option for people who only need very basic coverage, including preventative services and three annual primary care visits.

Friday Health Plans also offers three metal-tiered plans. The Bronze plan is also HSA qualified. Plans are available in Denver, Colorado Springs, NE Colorado, and the San Luis Valley.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans  

As a small, nonprofit HMO health care system, Rocky Mountain Health Plans are able to offer quality care at more affordable prices. This is one of the only truly Colorado-based companies on the list, and we think that gives them a unique understanding of the people that live here.

PPO plans and HSA-qualified plans are offered statewide, and HMO plans are available for residents of Denver, Colorado Springs, and Mesa County.

This year Rocky Mountain is also partnering with UnitedHealthcare to offer the Colorado Doctors Plan in eight counties on the front range: Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, El Paso, and Jefferson counties.

OneShare Health: Colorado’s favorite health share plan

Try as it might, traditional health insurance isn’t for everybody. If you make too much to qualify for a tax credit, for example, it can be hard to find something that is even remotely affordable.  

In Colorado, OneShare Health offers the most popular health sharing plan, with three different plan levels available.

OneShare’s plans are not actually insurance at all, but rather a clever alternative that is usually about half the cost of unsubsidized insurance.

Run an instant quote to find the best health insurance in Colorado

If you’re looking for a new health insurance plan, there’s no need to wait. You can visit our website to run an instant quote, and your Personal Benefits Manager will help get you signed up. Or, if you’re interested in learning more about an alternative to conventional insurance, we can show you what’s available.

Remember: open enrollment officially ends on December 15th. Colorado usually extends this deadline by one month, but the earlier you get it taken care of the better. Call today if you want to get on the calendar for an appointment.