There are a couple of important insurance deadlines coming up you need to know about. In order to get a January 1st effective date for health insurance, you must sign up by no later than December 15th.

Then, the last day of this year’s annual open enrollment is January 15th; if you don’t sign up or switch plans by this date, you will have to wait until the next open enrollment in November 2020 to make changes or sign up. Don’t let your coverage lapse.


Deadlines for Health Care Sharing Programs

Even if health insurance isn’t right for you, you still need to have some form of protection for your financial and physical wellbeing. Health care sharing programs are not insurance, and they are not regulated by insurance laws, which is a big factor for a lot of people.

There are currently more than one million members of health care sharing ministries as more and more people see significant savings, more autonomy, and more choices.

Whereas traditional insurance has a strict window in which to apply and make changes, heath care sharing programs don’t have an annual open enrollment period. You can apply at any time of the year.

For Mpowering Benefits, a health share plan combined with an HSA, you must sign up by December 20th to have a January 1 effective date. For Altrua, the deadline is December 25th. For OneShare, and MediShare, you can sign up as late as December 31st.

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