Last year, a number of Colorado legislators came together to sponsor HB20-1008, a bill that sought to curb the freedom and flexibility of HCSMs in Colorado.

Colorado Health Care Sharing Ministries

HCSMs, or Health Care Sharing Ministries, are a low-cost health insurance alternative in Colorado that regulators have been trying to get a piece of for decades. These privately-operated communities allow members to share the cost of medical expenses amongst themselves.

Not only does this make it more affordable, but it gives them an option other than Obamacare. Unfortunately, that’s an option that all too many people need.

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Why Colorado Needs Health Care Sharing Ministries

While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) made health insurance available for more people, it also left a lot of people in the lurch. Those who do not qualify for a federal subsidy are forced to pay hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars more than everyone else.

Healthshare plans create a much-needed alternative for Coloradans. Not only are they a fraction of the cost of unsubsidized ACA plans, but they also don’t include a lot of extras that most people are never using anyway.

But beyond the cost savings, Health Sharing is about protecting your freedom of choice. No one should be forced into a plan that they can’t afford, or simply don’t like. Every person should have access to a healthcare plan that is not controlled by the federal or state government.

Q: What’s the Legal Status of Colorado Health Care Sharing Ministries?

Healthcare sharing in Colorado is 100% legal. But while HB20-1008 did not pass, it does not mean that this critical form of healthcare isn’t still under threat. As long as HCSMs continue to eat into health insurance profits, there will be lobbyists working against it.

Switching from insurance to a Colorado Healthshare plan is one way to exercise your healthcare freedom. The more people that make this choice, the harder it will be for health insurance lobbyists to shut it down.

Q: What are the Best Healthshare Plans in Colorado?

The state of Colorado Is currently home to a number of high-value cost sharing programs, available to everyone. Here are two that come highly recommended from our current clients:

Zion Health

Popular Colorado healthshare plans with Zion include one that is HSA-qualified, and another that is designed to work alongside a Direct Primary Care Membership.

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OneShare Health

OneShare has three different plan options to choose from, with individual monthly contributions as low as $125. OneShare programs operate on the First Health PPO Network.

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