How to Get Healthcare if You’re Not a US Citizen

Having health care coverage is important to ensure two main things: you’re getting the care you need when you need it and you’re not going bankrupt because of the associated expenses. Getting quality, affordable insurance when you’re a US citizen feels impossible, but what about if you’re not a US citizen living in the United States without a social security card? This means you can’t get insurance in the Marketplace, but you are not optionless.

You have an alternative.

Turn to health care sharing plans instead.

Health care sharing plans are not insurance, which means they are not government regulated in the same way traditional insurance is, and yet they still help protect you from unexpected medical expenses. Health care sharing ministries facilitate the sharing of medical expenses between members. You pay the monthly share, much like a premium, and qualifying medical expenses are then paid out of a collective pot.

It’s that simple.

The qualifications aren’t as strict—but there are qualifications.

Every health care sharing ministry has its own rules and regulations. Some require members to be more health conscious, like no smoking and exercising regularly. In addition, many health care sharing ministries are faith-based; these typically require members to sign a statement of faith and may even require regular church attendance. Pre-existing conditions are covered by most after a designated waiting period.

Get quality healthcare for less.

Health care sharing programs tend to be less expensive than health insurance for several reasons. One, because members are encouraged to be more health conscious, it keeps the costs lower for the group as a whole. With a health sharing plan, you could get better healthcare than traditional insurance and yet end up paying less. You’ll get more choices and more control over your health.

Talk to your Personal Benefits Manager.

You’re not optionless. Protect your and your family’s health with an alternative that already has more than a million members. Talk to your Personal Benefits Manager (PBM) to get a quote and discuss which plans are best for your particular needs. They’ll go over everything with you and make the process easy and painless.