Since the passage of the American Rescue Plan, more Americans than ever before are qualifying for subsidies to make their health insurance more affordable. But as is always the case with U.S. healthcare, there are some people among us who will inevitably be left in the dust when it comes to finding and paying for a health plan. So what is the most affordable health plan in Colorado?

Most Affordable Health Plan in Colorado

Altrua’s Ruby-Level Health Sharing Membership is an ultra-low-cost healthshare plan designed to protect vulnerable, uninsured individuals against unexpected medical emergencies. All for about the same cost as a monthly phone bill. (Note this is a health sharing program, NOT health insurance.)

The Cheapest Healthshare in Colorado?

In what is quite possibly the most affordable health program in Colorado, Altrua’s Ruby membership is a new option for anyone who is having trouble paying for health insurance. This guide will take a closer look at the Ruby membership, and provide critical guidance for anyone who needs to switch to a more affordable way to plan for unexpected medical expenses.plan.

Q: What is a Catastrophic Healthshare Plan?

As the same suggests, ‘catastrophic’ health plans are a line of defense against worst-case-scenario health emergencies. Built specifically for people who are having trouble paying for health insurance, these plans provide enough protection to prevent financial ruin, while also not taking too big of a bite out of the monthly budget.

Note: As a catastrophic healthshare plan, the Ruby-level membership is not as comprehensive as health insurance, or other most other health sharing plans. There is a larger out-of-pocket cost if you get sick or injured, and there are limits on how much health costs can be shared each year.  

If you’re in a health insurance plan or healthshare plan that is a good fit, it might be better to stick with the plan that you have. This is a contingency plan for people who simply cannot afford anything else, and it should be treated as such.

Expert Pick: Altrua Ruby Healthshare Membership

Altrua is a reputable, well-reviewed healthcare sharing ministry (HCSM) that is dedicated to bringing down the price of healthcare. They have four different membership levels available, each with a different monthly cost, annual responsibility amount, and more.

Altrua Ruby is the most affordable of all options when it comes to monthly payments. Monthly contributions for an individual are as low as $113 per month. Like other Altrua plans, the Ruby membership includes some telemedicine benefits, cancer screenings, and more.

But unlike most healthshare plans, Altrua Ruby requires that the member pays a portion of all medical bills, until an out-of-pocket maximum of $12,500 has been met.

How do Healthshare Plans Work?

Healthcare cost-sharing memberships, commonly known as Healthshare plans, are giving Americans a new way to save money on healthcare.

The Cheapest Health Plan in Colorado: Altrua Ruby – Critical Info

  • $113 per month for individual / $221 for a family of 4
  • Unlimited no-charge telemedicine
  • Annual cost-sharing limit of $150,000, with a lifetime limit of $1,000,000
  • Not a good match for people with serious or ongoing medical needs

Catastrophic Health Plan FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a catastrophic healthshare plan cost?

A: Catastrophic healthshare plans can start right about $100 per month. They aren’t usually more than $130 per month. As with all health plans, your actual cost will factor in things like your location, chosen plan options, medical lifestyle, and more.

Q: What expenses does a catastrophic plan share?

A: Catastrophic health plans are intended to share expenses only for emergency and hospital care. Even in those circumstances, they are not usually enough to pay the full bill. Catastrophic plans do not  usually share for routine or preventive care, and have higher out-of-pocket costs if an illness or injury occurs.

Q: Who qualifies for a catastrophic plan?

A: With traditional health insurance, catastrophic plans are only available to a limited number of people, like those who are under 30 or have a specific hardship or affordability exemption. But catastrophic healthshare plans are more welcoming, and are open to anyone that would like one.

Q: What are the pros and cons of a catastrophic healthshare plan?


  • One of the most affordable ways to stay protected against ER and hospital costs
  • No enrollment periods; Join at any time of year
  • Can be a good option for people who stay healthy and can handle a higher out-of-pocket cost if an accident or illness occurs


  • Does not include preventive or routine care
  • Has a significantly higher Member Responsibility Amount (MRA) thant even other Altrua plans
  • Does not include maternity, adoption, or lab services
  • Annual sharing limits of $150,000 and a lifetime sharing limit of $1,000,000.

Q: How do healthshare plans work?

A: All healthcare sharing companies work a little bit differently, but for the most part, they’re quite similar. Once you’re paying monthly member contributions, you can have your medical bills paid for by the cost-sharing community.

The only requirement is that the expense is considered ‘shareable’ according to the member guidelines. Some healthshare programs work through reimbursement, while others will pay the bill directly.

Q: Is Altrua healthshare legit?

A: Altrua Healthshare is one of the up-and-coming healthcare sharing ministries (HCSM) that is changing the way people pay for healthcare. Altrua, like other health sharing programs, is not health insurance. Instead, it is a community-based way to split the cost of medical bills with other like-minded individuals. Healthshare plans are 100% legal under U.S. law.

Note that because health sharing memberships are not health insurance, they are not regulated by other rules such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). They are not backed by an insurance company, and normally will not share for all of the same expenses that are covered through ACA-approved health insurance plans.

ColoHealth has been offering Altrua to select clients for over five years.

Don’t Let Your Friends and Loved Ones Risk Life Without a Health Plan

If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance that you’re already enrolled in a health plan through ColoHealth. If you like the plan and it’s taking good care of you, then there is no need to change.

But perhaps you know someone who had dropped their insurance due to hard times.

Help them understand the risk that they’re taking by remaining uncovered in times like these.

Then, give them our number. We’ll introduce them to much more than just the most affordable health plan in Colorado. We’ll work to understand their specific needs and then pair them with a plan that makes sense.

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