From the city to the slopes, there are a lot of reasons why we choose to live in Colorado. But the one benefit that is often overlooked is the access that residents have to not only top quality care providers, but also health insurance options with some of the lowest rates and premiums in the country.

Whether you are shopping for a new plan or are already covered, this is a good time of year to contact your health insurance professionals to find out if there might be a better, easier, or cheaper plan for you.

The Best Health Insurance Options on the Front Range 2

Coloradoans: Your Premiums Are Going Down

In the southern streets of Pueblo to the hills of Fort Collins, health insurance premiums have been steadily dropping. In particular, non-subsidized premiums are set to fall by about 20% on average, marking a unique opportunity for Colorado residents who are looking to shave a few bucks off their monthly costs.

Yet even with these impressive reductions, rates are still prohibitively expensive for a lot of people. This is especially true for those who earn too much annually to qualify for government subsidies.

Whether you are looking for new coverage or simply curious if there are cheaper plans out there for you, we can help.

The Most Popular Plan in the State

For health insurance customers across the state, the most popular plan tends to be Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. In most areas around the state, they offer the most options and the best prices, two things that apparently every Coloradoan is interested in. Unfortunately, only HMO plans (no PPO plans) are available in the Front Range this year.

The Denver-based Friday Health Plans is another option that has been gaining a lot of traction around the Centennial State. Their highly simplistic plans are made affordable through limited coverage, but they are a great way for the independently employed (or anyone, for that matter) to save big on health insurance.

Consider a Health Sharing Program

Look, health insurance is expensive for everybody, even if you do qualify for government subsidies. But for the large number of people that make even slightly too much money to qualify, health insurance can be wildly expensive. In many cases people are forced to forgo health insurance altogether, a dire option that often costs far more in the long run.

Health Sharing Programs are growing in popularity because of their unique ability to offer basic protection at a significantly reduced price. In fact, health sharing costs tend to be between 50-60% lower than health insurance rates. This puts health sharing programs well within financial reach of the many who are struggling to pay their premiums.

While effective in many cases, these programs are not for everybody. As a result of the reduced cost, there tend to be more disqualifying restrictions in terms of pre-existing conditions. Because there are many health sharing options to choose from, each with their own complicated set of restrictions and rules, getting in touch with your personal advisor is the best way to find the best option for you.

Get Expert Advice

The team at ColoHealth is comprised of friendly experts that are standing by to help you save money. Whether you’re looking for the best health insurance plan on the Front Range (or anywhere else in Colorado), or a health sharing program, your personal trusted advisor can walk you through the steps of applying for or modifying your coverage.

There are strict deadlines for getting a January 1 effective date, and open enrollment in Colorado ends on January 15th. So sooner is better than later for getting in touch with your advisor. Call today, or visit to get a fast & easy quote.